Why it's important to update your smartphone: a few rules everyone should know

Your smartphone requires regular updates to improve features

Gadget companies are constantly sending new updates to users of their technology. But many Ukrainians think that after that, the smartphone may work worse, so you need to take your time installing the update and study the reviews. Or better yet, don't install the update at all, staying on the original firmware.

Androidinsider told what will happen to the gadget if you stop installing updates.

Why update your smartphone

The main purpose of software updates is to add new features, external changes, and bug fixes. It's worth noting that the latest versions of Android and iOS software don't have any major design changes. But they are worth installing.

The expert found that immediately after the update, animations became faster, and some functions such as notifications, Apple made less to free up screen space. The situation is similar with iOS 16, where the interface has become faster than a year ago. It turns out that Apple has made a serious software optimization.

Operating system developers add not only new features but also move existing ones to other subsections to save screen space. However, it is more difficult to help those who miss updates because the user easily gets confused in the menu.

The same goes for interface updates: Google introduced the Material You design specifically to ensure that all apps follow the same style. Not all of them adhere to the same design, but things are slowly moving towards a common denominator.

Android bug fixes

The recently released Pixel 7 was not as good as expected. Users were simply thrown out of the app when they were editing photos. Given that the gadget was released not so long ago, the developers quickly fixed this problem, as well as other minor flaws.

Often, new and convenient features are raw, so it takes some time to get them working. Especially if the smartphone has only recently gone on sale. Developers also add features to the system that previously required the installation of a separate program, which can save time, phone memory, and possibly money.

Developers also make updates to the phone that improve security. Usually, programmers write in a note about fixing bugs related to the security system. Such updates are installed quickly and imperceptibly for the user, so a person will not notice any differences in the operation of the smartphone. Such a phone will be safer than one without the update.

Is it worth updating your gadget?

Sometimes it seems that there is no point in updating. After all, after downloading the update, the smartphone remains the same as it was before. But everything is learned by comparison: some elements of the two versions of the systems become much more practical. Just think of the curtain, which was not so convenient a few years ago. It should be remembered that users who don't install updates lose quick access to some functions, which requires unnecessary clicks.

Updates also make the user's smartphone faster. This is well demonstrated by benchmark ratings: for example, in 2018, Samsung Galaxy S10 scored 326,000 points in a synthetic test, and now it has almost 496,000 points. The latest version of the OS is Android 12, so the gadget shows good results even after several years. This will be the case with other smartphones, so it doesn't hurt to update your phone.

It's a misconception that a smartphone works less well after an update. The latest tests of iPhones on the new version of iOS 16 have shown that smartphones have started to work decently longer. Some of them have never shown such good battery life results at all - the developers managed to please users. That's why updates don't always reduce battery life.

It's worth remembering that even if something goes wrong after an update, you can always roll back to the previous version. But it is useful to install the update because your smartphone will become more useful.

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