Which zodiac signs are more likely to cheat: top 3

Which zodiac signs are more likely to cheat on their loved ones. Source: Created with the help of AI

You shouldn't judge people by their horoscopes; after all, cheating is a choice people make regardless of their zodiac sign. However, astrologers have compiled a rating of the most unstable zodiac signs in relationships, who are most likely to cheat on their loved ones. They have innate character traits that encourage them to constantly seek adventure and novelty.

The results of the study showed that Libra, Gemini, and Capricorn are the most prone to cheating in relationships. And Aries, Cancer, and Taurus turned out to be the most faithful partners.


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and love. Representatives of this sign are constantly striving to be in the spotlight. You'd be wrong if you thought that Libras would stop flirting left and right once they started a stable relationship.

Libras are true social butterflies who want to live in the glow of everyone's admiration. Usually, flirting doesn't turn into something more, but often the line becomes too thin, and Libras are emotional and impulsive, so it can be hard for them to stop.


Geminis are very much in need of a relationship. If their partner does not pay enough attention to them, Gemini will quickly find a replacement. These people need attention, communication, and interaction around the clock. They can be quite indecisive, but they like to have options in reserve.

If, in Gemini's opinion, the relationship still has a chance, they are ready to delay the moment of separation to the last. However, if they meet a partner on their life path who makes them passionate, Gemini will not hold back. Gemini is likely to cheat without thinking about the consequences.


Capricorns seem to be quite stable in their preferences. There is one caveat: they are always looking for perfection. If a partner matches their idea of an ideal relationship, it's great. But there is always someone more beautiful, smarter, more promising on the horizon...

Capricorns find it difficult to make a final choice. They strive to get as much as possible. This means that they are looking for happiness, support, stability, and - by all means - status and financial wealth. Since it is quite difficult to find all of this in one partner, Capricorns are not afraid to take risks for the sake of greater prospects.

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