Which bird is extra? Quick puzzle for smart people

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Quick puzzle for smart people. Source: jagranjosh.com

Since childhood, each of us has encountered logic problems and puzzles. This is not surprising, as they develop thinking and broaden horizons.

However, not everyone knows that puzzles are useful not only for children. They help adults keep their minds sharp, so try solving Jagran Josh's puzzles to improve your cognitive skills.

Look at the picture and find the hummingbird that differs from all the others by only 13 seconds.

Which bird is extra? Quick puzzle for smart people

Puzzles have always had a remarkable beneficial effect on the human mind. They not only entertain, but also develop critical thinking, improve memory, ability to analyze information, and concentration.

By performing such tasks, we train the brain, make it more flexible and adaptive to new challenges. This makes it easier to find hidden connections, make decisions faster, and draw conclusions. Regardless of age, puzzles help maintain mental activity and open up new opportunities for development.

If you managed to cope with the task and find the extra bird quickly, then your attentiveness and observation can only be envied. Try to find and solve other types of puzzles to make sure that your other cognitive skills are just as good.

However, if it took you a long time to complete the task, don't be discouraged. Perhaps you just need to rest. Try to do 1-2 similar tasks every day to gradually improve your concentration and ability to act in non-standard situations.

Now let's see the correct answer.

Which bird is extra? Quick puzzle for smart people

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