What you can't take on an airplane: a list of rules

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List of things you can't take on the plane

It's so sad to see things taken out of your carry-on bag and thrown into the trash. And there's no one to complain to, because all airlines warn you about the list of prohibited items that cannot be taken on the plane.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of what you should leave at home.

What are the best things not to take in your carry-on luggage?

It is very difficult to memorize all the rules of transportation. Especially since they vary depending on the countries between which you are traveling, the company's internal rules, and additional circumstances. However, there are things that will definitely make you throw away your hand luggage before boarding:

  • explosive and flammable substances (fireworks, ammunition, fuel, alcohol with an alcohol content of more than 70%, lighters, matches, and paint or kerosene cans)
  • Toxic substances (various chemicals, radioactive components, etc.);
  • firearms and cold steel weapons, as well as their replicas and imitations (pistols, traumatic weapons, children's assault rifles, all sharp and cutting objects, including razors and nail scissors)
  • bottles with liquid over 100 ml and a total volume of more than 1 liter (shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, liquid food, water, sauces, etc;)
  • alcoholic beverages (except for duty-free goods).
A list of things you definitely shouldn't take on an airplane.

Different countries have their own peculiarities related to air travel. Here are the funniest ones:

  • Shells and stones collected on beaches, as well as souvenirs worth more than 5 thousand Turkish liras, cannot be taken out of Turkey. Customs officials will check all receipts, especially for expensive purchases (carpets, jewelry, and designer items).
  • You can't take medicines, leather goods, palm tree souvenirs, and national currency from Tunisia. So exchange money before arriving at the airport.
  • In the Dominican Republic, you will need to leave all the artifacts you found while diving. It is also better not to try to bring beautiful shells and local coins on the plane.
  • Thailand probably has the longest list. You can't take Buddha statues taller than 13 centimeters, corals and shells, durian and coconuts, sand and potted flowers. However, you can take a plant without soil in a bag or jar.
  • Vietnam takes the export of stuffed marine life, corals, exotic flowers, bird nests and eggs seriously. Also, you will not be allowed on the plane with the famous local fish sauce. If it spills even a little bit, the entire upholstery in the cabin will have to be replaced.
What things are prohibited to export from different countries of the world.

Depending on the point of departure and destination, there may be restrictions on the transportation of souvenirs, tobacco products, food and delicacies, food, alcoholic beverages, animals and plants, precious jewelry, and branded clothing. The full list is available on the websites of airlines and consulates of the countries.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about what you can take with you on a plane in your hand luggage.

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