What to give your best friend for her birthday: top budget ideas

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A friend can be even closer to us than a relative, so it's important to choose the right gifts for them that will make them happy and be useful at the same time. But you don't always have the budget to buy something really valuable.

That's why OBOZ.UA has collected a few ideas of what you can give your friend for her birthday or any other holiday. These options will not only be budget, but they will also bring positive emotions.

Stylish glasses or mugs

A souvenir cup is no longer an original gift. The same cannot be said about glasses or mugs. Glassware for drinks is often broken and needs to be replaced, so this set will definitely not gather dust on the shelf. But choose something unusual, stylish and beautiful.

An autographed book by a favorite writer

If your girlfriend loves to read, giving her a book is always a good choice. But you can make this gift more original. Order her not just a new novel or a collection of poems by her favorite author but look for a place to get an autographed edition. Such a present will definitely take pride of place on the shelf. Music lovers can be presented with records, CDs, or posters signed by a musician.

A gadget for caring for clothes and shoes

Your friend will choose new things for herself. You can please her with some gadget that will help keep them in good condition. For example, pay attention to portable steamers or travel irons that you can take with you on trips, an electric shoe dryer, covers for transporting and storing things, etc.

Embroidered shirt

An item of clothing that will always be an appropriate gift is an embroidered shirt. They often come in a universal size, which will insure against making a wrong choice, and the variety of cuts and embroideries is amazing. It is not necessary to order some exclusive handmade item, there are many budget options now. But keep in mind that some brands take time to make an embroidered shirt. So look for such a gift in advance.


A bouquet is a universal gift that will please almost every woman. But you don't have to limit yourself to cut plants. They will fade in a few days and nothing will remain of the gift. If your friend loves indoor plants, look for something new for her collection. But take into account the conditions in her home and choose a plant that is fairly easy to care for. Alternatively, you can choose a smart pot for one of her green favorites.

Travel pillow

If your friend travels a lot, she will definitely appreciate a pillow that will provide comfort for her neck while traveling. Choose a hygroscopic pillow as they perform best during long journeys. And take care of a cover made of natural fabric.

Hair styling device

All women, regardless of the length of their hair, style it at least from time to time. Therefore, a hair styler will always be a good gift. There's a lot of choice here: from hair dryers and irons to car stylers that will make a complex hairstyle at the touch of a button.

Handmade cosmetics

If you want to present something made with your own hands, pay attention to natural soap. You can make it yourself, choosing a special flavor that your friend will definitely like. You can also make a body scrub or a hair mask.

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