What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

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Children's entertainment in Greece

Greece, with its amazing beaches, a large number of water parks and entertainment centers, rich excursion programs and mysterious and mythical places, has been considered one of the best destinations for family vacations for many years. But what if your kids don't share your desire to spend the whole vacation by the sea? It's time to look for new entertainment that will captivate everyone: from adults to kids.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

Which areas of Greece are the best for families with children

It's hard to single out any of the more than 300 tourist islands in Greece because each of them is special and has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, when you are choosing which resort to spend your vacation at, analyze what exactly you plan to do.

If you are looking for a relaxing and unhurried vacation, then pay attention to Idra. This incredible piece of land is surrounded by warm waters on all sides. Here you will find many quiet coves, narrow streets and colorful restaurants. In addition, you can book a yacht excursion, which is a very interesting experience for both adults and children.

You will find more entertainment and excursion routes in the incredibly popular Crete. There will definitely be something to do here. Especially if you like outdoor activities. By the way, from here you can get to the uninhabited island of Chrysi by boat. Here you can find Minoan ruins, an old church, an abandoned port, a lighthouse and a Roman cemetery. However, avoid the northern shore with children as a nudist beach was set up a few years ago.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

For those who like excursions and long walks, we recommend staying for a few days in Athens. This resort does not even need additional advertising as it is already considered the most popular in Greece. However, you shouldn't focus only on the famous tourist locations. Get away from the center and enjoy a relaxing Greek summer. By the way, be sure to take a ride on a local panoramic cable car to see Athens from a high hill.

These are not all the destinations that are suitable for family vacations. So you'll definitely have plenty to choose from.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

Things to do in Greece with kids

  • Take a tourist train

On many of the islands of Greece, you'll find small tourist trains that run along the coastline or to popular attractions. Be sure to take a ride on one of these trains to enjoy the local scenery and learn more about the history of this ancient country.

Along the way, you'll see not only beautiful scenery but also villagers who are happy to wave to children and livestock grazing right next to the train.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options
  • Go up to the Acropolis

Athens is an ancient city with a long history. Therefore, you should definitely visit the ruins of the world-famous Acropolis, where the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena stands.

However, before that, you should visit the local archaeological museum. Children will definitely enjoy the interactive expositions of this institution. They also organize special excursion programs for kids.

It's worth noting that there is always a long line at the entrance to the museum. To avoid it, buy an Athens City Pass card in advance. It allows you to enter almost any museum without an additional ticket.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options
  • Find beautiful beaches

We just couldn't leave this point out. Although Greece has a huge amount of entertainment for the whole family, people come here primarily for its incredible beaches. Most of them are equipped in such a way that families with children can have a comfortable and safe vacation. That is, here you will see restrictive signs that indicate the depth, lifeguards who keep order, and many family-friendly restaurants.

You can find such places in Crete, as well as in Santorini, Mykonos, or Naxos. By the way, water parks are often located near the beaches, which children love. Therefore, you can combine a relaxing vacation with an active one to make everyone happy.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options
  • Explore places from legends

Many children are fascinated by the myths and legends of ancient Greece. So before you start your trip, we recommend telling your kids about gods, minotaurs, heroes, and monsters. And when you arrive in the country, you can show them the places where these creatures are said to have lived.

For example, in Crete, there is a palace that, according to books, was guarded by an evil minotaur. So now you can walk the corridors where this monster used to roam.

Delos will be no less interesting. The road to this island passes through a place in the Aegean Sea where many dolphins live. Upon reaching your destination, you will see an ancient amphitheater, fountains with lion heads, and get to know the locations where, according to legend, Apollo and Artemis were born.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

Touch the wilderness

Greece is famous not only for its luxurious resorts but also for its careful attitude to wildlife. That's why you will find many protected areas and nature reserves here. In addition, there are organizations working to preserve rare animals and plants. For example, a sea turtle rescue center has been operating on Zakynthos Island for many years. You can come here to see with your own eyes how people take care of endangered marine life.

Corfu also has a shelter for horses that were taken away from unscrupulous owners. Here, they take care of animals that have faced bad attitudes from people.

What to do in Greece with kids: 5 best options

In general, Greece is ideal for families with children. The main thing is to plan your trip in advance and choose an island that meets your needs.

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