What to do if onions turn yellow: tips for summer house owners

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Onions seem to be the most unpretentious garden crop. However, care mistakes lead to the appearance of yellow feathers. It is impossible to grow a quality crop without simple but regular care.

Watering and fertilizing should be adjusted depending on weather or soil conditions or the presence of pests. OBOZ.UA figured out why onions turn yellow and how to preserve the harvest. The problem can only be eliminated by understanding the cause of its occurrence.

If the soil is too dense

If the soil loses its water and air permeability, the plant cannot develop normally, which also leads to a significant decrease in resistance to diseases and pests.

The first thing to do is to make the soil more airy. Loosen the bed after every heavy rain. For a long-lasting effect, mulch at least the aisles.

If there is a lack or excess of moisture

Onions grow underground, where moisture is retained much longer than on the soil surface. However, this plant does not like waterlogging. Additional watering is required only in case of prolonged dry weather and during extreme drought in the summer.

Watering should be moderate and regular, and the frequency depends on weather conditions and soil characteristics. Sandy soils dry out faster. A month before harvesting, watering should be stopped as natural rainfall will be enough.

Onions turn yellow both from a lack of moisture and waterlogging.

If there is a nitrogen deficiency

Yellowed feathers are a clear signal of nitrogen deficiency. In this case, the color change is combined with thickening, deformation, or shortening of the leaves. Mineral fertilizers (about 15 grams of any nitrogen fertilizer per bucket of water) will help.

If pests attack

Failure to comply with crop rotation rules is the cause not only of a decrease in crop quality but also of pest attacks. Onion flies are the most harmful to the plant. If you dig up an onion the feathers of which have begun to turn yellow and see that light larvae have settled in it, this is a sign of pest damage.

To prevent pests, you can sprinkle mustard powder or black and red hot peppers over the bed. Spraying with ammonia (2-3 tbsp per bucket of water) or boric acid (2 g per bucket of water) will also be useful.

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