What kind of equipment the Poles did not let through: Shmyhal on the passage of weapons for Ukraine across the border

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The blockade of the Ukrainian border by the Poles has not led to delays in military and humanitarian supplies
The blockade of the Ukrainian border by Poles has not led to delays in military and humanitarian cargo

The blockade of the Ukrainian border by the Poles has not led to delays in military and humanitarian supplies – they are moving freely. However, reports to the contrary are not true.

This was stated by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. He noted that the equipment mentioned in such reports is commercial.

"It is very important that despite the protests of Polish carriers and farmers, not a single case of blocking the delivery of weapons, military equipment, humanitarian aid, and fuel to Ukraine has been recorded. All of these goods go to Ukraine unhindered. These cases, which are loudly exaggerated in Telegram channels, are not military equipment. These are commercial vehicles being transported under different guises," the Prime Minister said.

Poland has given an ultimatum to the European Commission

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of farmers' protests and border blockades (primarily of the Ukrainian one), Poland itself has begun informal talks with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. At the same time, the Poles have already set an ultimatum: if the EC does not agree to Polish demands, the country's authorities threaten to impose unilateral bans and not unblock the borders at the state level.

Negotiations are underway to grant the Poles exemptions from the EU's Green Deal and restrictions on agricultural imports, said Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Sheyna. According to Onet Wiadomosci, Poland is looking for exemptions from EU rules "for everything that is possible" – from the Green Deal to limiting the inflow of products that could lead to "permanent disruption of the market of one or more countries."

Sheina said that if the EU does not agree to Poland's demands "for too long," disruptions at the border will continue. "We will make changes, we will introduce border blockades, barriers and duties unilaterally," the Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Thus, Poland claims that the inflow of cheaper agricultural products from Ukraine allegedly threatens Polish farmers. However, back in 2023, Poland imposed a ban on some Ukrainian products, including grain.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, at the same time, according to Volodymyr Balin, Vice President of the Association of International Road Carriers (AsMAP), Polish carriers are worried about the period when Ukraine will join the European Union and will be able to carry out international transportation without restrictions. Therefore, they are already doing everything to make their carriers less competitive.

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