Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos

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Laos: tourist locations

There is a small country tucked away in southeast Asia near Thailand and Cambodia. It has no access to the sea, no high mountains, and no popular resorts. However, if you are looking for tranquility, exoticism, picturesque nature, or, on the contrary, want to see ancient temples and get acquainted with the original culture and philosophy of Buddhism, you should definitely visit this place.

Laos has survived more than one war and at the same time has tried to preserve its beauty and uniqueness. Today we will tell you which locations are worth visiting to get to know this amazing country.

Si Phan Don

A river archipelago in the very south of the republic, practically separated from civilization. Most of the island is covered by water, so the journey will be difficult, but it's worth it. It used to be a French resort, and now it is a jungle and home to an endangered species of pink dolphins.

Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos

The triumphal arch of Patuxai

The monument symbolizes the struggle for independence. It is made in the European style as it was built with money from the French government.

There is an observation deck at the top of the arch. It offers a beautiful view of Vientiane, the country's capital. Nearby is a park with palm trees and a fountain, as well as a large market.

Plain of Jars

A must-see for all lovers of mysticism, mysteries, and ancient history. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary field. But it's not that simple. There are about 300 vessels scattered on its territory. The oldest of them are 2000 years old.

The purpose of these jars is still unknown. Some say they were used to store rice wine or water, others say they were funeral urns. The valley is quite popular and even protected by UNESCO.

Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos

Buddha Park

An open-air museum with many sculptures of deities from Hinduism and Buddhism, including some quite atypical ones. The most famous is the giant figure of the Reclining Buddha. And when you find a huge three-story ball resembling a pumpkin, take a look inside and be sure to go up to the observation deck.

It's a great place to realize how big the human imagination is and to think deeply. But keep in mind that the park closes at 4 p.m., so it's best to plan your visit in the morning.

Mekong Elephant Park

Many travelers come to Laos to see these majestic creatures. The conservation camp offers visitors not only to learn more about these animals but also to join the promotion of responsible tourism.

During the tour, you will be told about the peculiarities of the behavior of each of the inhabitants. You will be able to feed the elephants, swim with them, and feel an amazing bond between you.

Nam Kan National Park

Another reserve that pays special attention to the preservation of nature and local wildlife. The park has the world's tallest tree houses. By the way, you can live in them! You need to move between them on zip lines. This idea allows tourists to feel like a part of the local fauna and take care of the forest.


As you can see, Laos cares about the environment. Residents take care of their native land. So if you are looking for solitude and harmony with the world, you have chosen the right country.

There are a lot of beautiful attractions here, they can be found in any corner. The main thing is to be able to get there. But we will suggest some of the most attractive locations that are a must-see.

  • Kuang Si Waterfall

One of the most beautiful in the world. You can not only admire the cascades of water but also take a dip in one of the many turquoise-blue pools-holes. When you've refreshed yourself, explore the local trails and enjoy the panoramic views. By the way, there is a Kuangsi Butterfly Park nearby, which features a variety of insect species.

Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos
  • Bolaven Plateau

According to many travelers, it has the most vast and amazing scenery. Walk through the dense jungle and see waterfalls, streams, tea and coffee plantations, and pastures. And if you're friendly, you might meet some locals who will treat you to a delicious drink.

  • Pak Ou Caves

An unusual place. These are 2 grottoes on the river filled with various Buddha statuettes. They were brought here by pilgrims and residents of the neighboring town. There are about 4000 figures, ranging in height from 10 centimeters to 3 meters! There are also candles and incense everywhere.

Once upon a time, monks lived here. The king himself came to pray here several times. But keep in mind that these caves can only be reached by boat.

  • Mekong River

The longest in Indochina! Its entire area covers 810 thousand kilometers. Be sure to book a boat trip, and if you know how to ride a motorcycle, rent one and explore the countryside on your own.


Laos is a very religious country. Here you will see many Buddhist prayer houses, including ancient ones. We won't have time to list them all, but we'll mention the most popular ones.

  • Pha That Luang Vientiane

The most important landmark in the republic and the pride of the locals. It is depicted on the national emblem. The shrine is beautiful from any angle and distance. It is a large gilded stupa that was built on the remains of a Khmer temple. It was destroyed in 1800. However, hundred years later the French managed to restore the monument.

Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos
  • Wat Xieng Thong

A masterpiece of Lao religious architecture. Its complex design and golden facade reflect the country's rich heritage. It was built in the 16th century.

It was used to crown and bid farewell to local rulers. It is a true symbol of the influence of Buddhism.

  • Vat Phou

The complex was built in the VI-XII centuries on the foundations of other temples. There are palaces: the northern (male) and southern (female). There is also an imprint of the Buddha's footprint in stone.

The shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple is located against the backdrop of mountains, which emphasizes its grandeur, and the alignment with the celestial bodies is evidence of advanced Khmer technology.

Traveling to the Land of a Million Elephants: what to see in Laos

Laos is an amazing country, original and unique. It offers tourists not so much entertainment as an opportunity to reflect, relax, retire and discover something new not only in it but also in themselves. We hope we were able to inspire you for your next trip.

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