Top 9 most interesting Ukrainian villages to visit

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The most fascinating villages of Ukraine

Ukrainian villages have preserved the authentic traditions of our ancestors. They are imbued with authenticity, the past, and our strong roots. There are many settlements that best represent the rich history of the nation. So, now we will tell you about the most interesting rural locations in our homeland that are definitely worth visiting, especially in the fall when nature turns into a masterpiece.

Kolochava, Transcarpathia

The territory spans about 15 kilometers. This village is considered one of the longest in Ukraine, but it is famous not only for its size. Here, you can immerse yourself in the vastness of mountain landscapes, drink ice-cold mineral water, and visit ten unusual museums. They will transport you back to ancient times, and you won't want to leave. Among the most interesting are the "Old Village," the Church of the Holy Spirit from 1795, and "Kolochava Bokorash." You don't need to worry about accommodation; Kolochava boasts a well-developed infrastructure with numerous hotels.

Trypillia, Kyiv region

If you paid attention during history lessons in school, you probably know that in 1896, archaeologist Vikentii Khvoyka discovered the first artifacts from a mysterious Eneolithic culture in this area. It existed between the 5th and 3rd millennia BC and was named Trypillia.

The people who lived here astounded historians with their level of development. Studies have revealed that they built two-story dwellings with painted walls, engaged in weaving, created incredible ceramic dishes, and more. Do you enjoy mysteries and stories from ancient times? You should definitely visit this village.

Furthermore, Trypillia is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. You can take a leisurely walk through the fields and forests, inhale the fresh air, and let go of the thoughts that have accumulated in everyone's minds.

Top 9 most interesting Ukrainian villages to visit

Verkhivnia, Zhytomyr region

The village is located 30 km from Berdychiv and is renowned for preserving the memory of the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac. Why is he associated with this place? Let us explain! The village is home to the Hanski estate, a monument of architectural and horticultural culture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1847, the estate's owner, Madame Hanska, moved in with her lover, who was a renowned playwright. It was in this setting that he wrote the play 'The Stepmother,' worked on 'The Deputy from Arcy,' 'Mademoiselle de Vissard or France in the Time of the Constitution,' 'The Petty Bourgeois,' and 'The Woman Writer.'

Bakota, Khmelnytskyi region

A village that was destined not to survive. Its name translates to 'a desirable place,' yet it has always endured hardships. Bakota was once the capital of Podillia. However, in 1255, it was obliterated from the maps by the Mongol-Tatars. Of course, it was gradually rebuilt over time. It continued to exist until 1981 when the construction of the Novodnistrovska hydroelectric power station led to the eviction of its inhabitants and the submergence of the area.

Today, tourists visit this location to witness the bay and the remnants of the rock monastery founded by St. Anthony, the same monk who established the Kyiv Cave Monastery.

Top 9 most interesting Ukrainian villages to visit

Dzembronia, Ivano-Frankivsk Region

One of the theories explaining the origin of the village's name is related to the bison, as 'dzembr' in Polish resembles the word for bison. It's said that there used to be a significant population of these animals in the area. Dzembronia is also often referred to as 'the birthplace of clouds.' Indeed, it holds the distinction of being the highest mountainous settlement in Ukraine.

It is from here that the trail leading to the Montenegrin ridge, a popular destination for tourists, commences. In just 2 hours, you can ascend to the summit of Mount Vuhatyi Kamen, from where you can even catch a glimpse of Hoverla.

Ukrainian artists have sought inspiration in this locale. Notable figures such as Lesya Ukrainka and Vasyl Stefanyk found it here. We are confident that this region will also captivate you and inspire grand and beautiful experiences.

Moryntsi, Cherkasy Region

A place of legend, as it was the birthplace of one of Ukraine's most renowned writers, Taras Shevchenko. He repeatedly mentioned his father's house in his works, describing the cherry orchard, the May beetles, and the plowmen. Everything here is intricately tied to the legacy of the Kobzar. The primary attraction is the Shevchenko estate museum.

Top 9 most interesting Ukrainian villages to visit

Synevyr, Transcarpathia

This region is quite renowned among travelers and is seldom deserted. Even in the rain, people warm themselves with mulled wine and gaze into the bottomless 'eyes' of the lake bearing the same name. Moreover, the world's only museum of forestry and rafting, as well as the Kamianets Waterfall, are located near the village.

Opishnia, Poltava Region

The capital of Ukrainian pottery, Opishnia has been thriving in this area for approximately three millennia and amazes with its diverse ceramic heritage. In the early twentieth century, there were nearly 1,000 potters here. Their wares were sought after not only in the neighboring settlements but also well beyond the borders of the Poltava region.

The uniqueness of Opishnia pottery lies in its forms and painting techniques. Nowadays, these ceramics are primarily decorative, with few people purchasing them for everyday use. Nevertheless, this doesn't prevent you from visiting the local museum and acquiring an unusual whistle as a souvenir.

Top 9 most interesting Ukrainian villages to visit

Stone village, Zhytomyr region

Huge boulders in the midst of several hectares of forest give rise to numerous questions. There are two hypotheses regarding the origin of this area. The first one suggests that the stones were transported by a glacier, while the second proposes that it is the remnants of ancient mountains that have long disappeared.

It's challenging to determine which theory is accurate, and there are many mystical tales associated with this place. For instance, even the name comes with a captivating legend: once upon a time, there was a prosperous village in the forest, and one day, a poorly dressed old man passed through it. He requested bread from a wealthy landowner, who promptly chased him away. It turns out that the old man was the Lord himself, who had come down to Earth and transformed everything and everyone into stone blocks. Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you, but we strongly recommend visiting the village.

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