Tips for blackouts: how to charge your phone properly to save the battery

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Power outages have returned to Ukraine, which means that the issue of charging mobile devices has become more relevant than ever. In such circumstances, it became clear how important it is to keep gadget batteries in good condition.

Probably everyone is familiar with the problem when a smartphone starts to run out of power incredibly quickly. NV told us how to avoid it.

If you follow simple rules when charging your smartphone, you can significantly extend its life. In addition, the battery will hold a charge much better, so you won't be dependent on a power bank or charging station during power outages.

Charging up to 80% and discharging up to 20%

Earlier, when mobile phones first appeared, it was recommended to discharge and charge them fully, but this does not apply to the latest smartphones. After buying a gadget, the battery can withstand about 500 complete charge-discharge cycles without any problems only, and then it will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, the optimal range for a lithium-ion battery is 20-80%. Thus, try not to discharge the phone to zero and do not charge it to 100% as this reduces the life cycle of modern batteries.

Use original chargers

Always try to charge your smartphone using the original charger that came with the phone. Low-quality chargers can not only negatively affect the battery but also damage the phone.

Tips for blackouts: how to charge your phone properly to save the battery

Avoid excessive heat and frozing temperatures

The optimal temperature for charging your phone is 20 degrees. However, it is difficult to maintain a consistent temperature in the house during blackouts, so try to at least avoid leaving your smartphone charging in the sun.

Also, in winter, don't put your device on the charger immediately after being in the cold. Let it warm up at room temperature first.

Using your smartphone while it is charging

Putting the battery under strain by charging and discharging at the same time will have a bad effect on its capacity in the future. It is better to leave the phone alone while it is charging, especially since modern smartphones support fast charging. Thus, you won't have to wait long.

Interrupting charging

In fact, partially filling the battery does not harm the phone in any way. Therefore, you can remove it from charging at any time.

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