Three zodiac signs will let go of the past on June 7: it's time to live without suffering

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The Moon in Cancer promotes nostalgic moods. Some zodiac signs may feel drawn to their home, to their roots. For many, nostalgia means escape and safety – they want to plunge into a time when everything was simple and clear.

Astrologers emphasize that this lunar period can be a desperate impetus for action. It's time to start a new chapter in the book of life.


You realize why you are so attached to the past and, frankly, you are tired of this situation. You realize how stuck you are in a nostalgic mood. This prevents you from moving on and progressing.

During the Cancer Moon, you should take the path of healing and development. Of course, the past matters to you because it shaped you as a person. However, the past is simply experiences and lessons learned. In your case, the past is not a prison of negative energy. It can also be a place of great inspiration and artistic reflection.


You need to let go of the past and stop constantly returning to negative events. The fact that you keep many things from the past is your business. Although you may have a partner or friend who insists that you get rid of old, worthless junk, you won't do it because you value all the memories and material things.

Your attachment to the past cannot be easily abandoned because it took a lifetime to create this cement bond. Your sentimentality will be at its most intense during the Cancer Moon on June 7. Try to discard what doesn't contribute to your development and forward movement.


You are very compassionate, sensual, and emotional people. The past is of great importance to you. You won't rewrite history to make someone feel like you're ready to grow.

During the Cancer Moon, you will take care of your personal growth, and if there are people in your life who think you need to speed it up a bit, then let them wait. You are extremely honest with yourself, but you are tired of hearing how you need to let go of the past. Maybe the person telling you this is struggling with their past, but you don't want to give up what has shaped your personality. The truth is that you are happy being who you are.

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