Three zodiac signs will be guarded by angels in May: who are the luckiest ones

Taurus, Leo and Capricorn will be as lucky as if they were guarded by angels. Source: Created with the help of AI

Most of May is spent under the sign of Taurus and, accordingly, under the protection of Venus. This gives a calm and harmonious atmosphere in general, but this year's representatives of the three zodiac signs will be most happy with this cosmic energy.

Astrologers have named this trinity and told us how they can enhance the favorable effect. Read on to learn about their forecast and recommendations.


You can be considered the winner of the cosmic lottery this month. All aspects, including angelic ones, favor you. Your sign is famous for its perseverance and love of comfort and luxury. The universe will support these traits in every way possible. You will be protected by Jupiter, who is considered the greatest cosmic benefactor. You can count on significant progress in both your career and personal life. Don't be afraid to take the first step.


Your celestial ruler, the Sun, will fill you with extraordinary energy. Its charge will give you charisma and self-confidence. Expect special success at work. You will be willingly invited to ambitious projects that will bring profit. Your courage will be rewarded by guardian angels. Saturn in a harmonious position will stabilize the situation and promote sustainable development in all areas of your life. Just keep moving forward.


May will be a time for you to realize previously unrealistic plans. Happiness and success will be on your side thanks to the influence of the planets Jupiter and Uranus. Astrologers recommend that you pay attention to the signs of fate and opportunities so as not to miss important messages from your guardian angels. This is especially true for love affairs. Now you have every chance to realize your deepest dreams. The stars will be on your side, but you will need openness to succeed.

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