They will look perfect even after rain: how to clean windows with tea

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The brew is non-toxic and can clean the windows to a shine

Standard window cleaners based on alcohol or ammonia may seem too toxic to some. Well, it is quite possible to make a glass cleaner based on a natural and completely safe substance. Cleaning experts say that ordinary black tea is quite capable of handling this task.

OBOZREVATEL inquired about the recipe for such a product. It turns out that you don't need anything but a few teabags and a cup of boiling water.

To make an effective glass cleaner, take 3 black tea bags and brew them in 250 ml of boiling water. Leave the tea to cool for an hour. This strong brew will be used to treat the windows.

To make it convenient to use the cleaner, pour it into a spray bottle. You can also dampen a cotton or microfiber cloth with it. You can wash off the dirt from the windows directly with tea or you can first wipe the glasses with water, removing dust and large particles of dirt, and then use the tea to degrease and shine them. In any case, the tea will not leave stains if you polish the windows after washing them with a dry cloth. It also does not have a specific odor like vinegar, which is also often used to clean windows. The main thing is to avoid getting the brew on the frames, as it can leave dark marks on them. It won't be difficult to remove them, but it's still extra work.

Why is brew so effective for cleaning windows? It's because of its high content of tannins. They effectively dissolve dirt and grease and are non-toxic. You can even drink this product and it will not do any harm. That is why tea is recommended for cleaning children's rooms and even aquariums or terrariums.

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