There will be a lot of changes: 4 zodiac signs will get a message from the universe in July 2024

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July will bring many changes, but it will only be an overture to some challenging August transits. The month will begin with Neptune retrograde. The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 will be a period of emotional awareness and reflection. Venus will enter Leo on July 11, bringing bright fiery energy.

The Full Moon in Capricorn will occur on July 21, which is another time to think about future plans and prospects. With the beginning of the Leo season, it will be a favorable time for self-expression. Astrologers say that soon the four zodiac signs will receive an important message from the universe and will be able to start a new stage in their lives.


It's time to focus your energy on finding harmony and balance. The concentration of planets in water signs will also force you to focus on emotional healing. As a sign that prefers to move forward at full speed, Saturn retrograde on June 29 will push you to important realizations. You need to learn to slow down if you want to succeed in your career.

Before you can experience the energy and power of the Leo season, you need to learn to find joy in simple things. You need to establish relationships with your loved ones before you can continue to reach for the stars.


Your ruling planet Mars may cause some conflicts in your relationships. If you don't seek a compromise, there's a risk of serious misunderstandings. Try to understand your partner's point of view instead of stubbornly defending your stance.

You'll have to take on more responsibility at the end of the month. As a sign that understands the value of hard work, you will be able to succeed in projects that require strategy and analytics. The goal this month is not to chase money but to find stability and comfort.


The July 5 New Moon will draw attention to how you've been taking care of your relationships, including whether you've been there for the people you love in difficult moments. In the middle of summer, a period of analysis and honesty with yourself will begin. It's time to take more responsibility for your actions.

The Full Moon on July 21 will allow you to reflect on your successes and achievements over the past six months. The Cancer season not only allows you to focus on your partnerships but also fuels your independence. You are a true perfectionist who can become obsessed with the pursuit of success. However, the best thing you can do now is to listen to your body as your ruler Saturn begins to retrograde within four months.


The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 is a sign to be more open and sincere in your communication. Don't be afraid to show your emotions during the Cancer season. It's time to develop a stronger emotional relationship with your partner right before the Sun enters Leo.

The Moon will be opposing Pluto on July 8, adding more opportunities to improve your relationship if you make an effort to do some personal healing. It's time to reconnect with your dreams.

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