The low service is unavailable. Hackers are attacking "Naftogaz," and there is a massive IT system failure at "Ukrposhta"

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Hackers are targeting "Naftogaz," causing a significant disruption in the IT systems at "Ukrposhta"
Hackers are targeting "Naftogaz," causing a significant disruption in the IT systems at "Ukrposhta"

Naftogaz reported that one of the data centers used by it and Gas Distribution Networks of Ukraine is under a cyber attack. The company's websites and call center are currently down. Ukrposhta and the Shlyakh system also reported a significant technical failure.

The company did not disclose any details of the attack, nor did they provide any preliminary timeframes for restoring services.

"Dear customers of Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazmerezha. A large-scale cyberattack on one of the data centers used by our companies has been detected. Our websites and call center are currently down. We will inform you about the terms of service restoration later," Naftogaz said.

Naftogaz website down due to hacker attack

A large-scale failure at Ukrposhta

Ukrposhta also reported a significant technical failure. They did not specify whether it was a hacker attack but only noted that some services were suspended. However, they did not specify which ones, only claiming that they would be restored after some time.

However, the company noted that the branches now have the ability to deliver parcels and also accept payments.

"There was a significant technical failure in our IT systems. Our specialists are actively working to fix the problem and restore full operation, but it may take some time. The branches are now able to issue parcels and accept payments. Other services will resume later," the statement said.

No access to the Shlyakh system

For its part, Ukrtransbezpeka reported that there was no access to its website or the Shlyakh system. The reason is a technical malfunction at the data center.

"Due to a technical malfunction, the data center temporarily lacks access to the Shlyakh system and the official website of Ukrtransbezpeka. The technical department is already solving the problem," the statement said.

Ukrtransbezpeka did not disclose any details. However, they promised to restore the system in the near future.

Earlier, Monobank was attacked

The cyberattack on Naftogaz is not the first to affect Ukrainian companies recently. In particular, on January 19, Monobank suffered a disruption in its operations as a powerful DDoS attack was launched against the bank.

As reported by Monobank users, no operations or transactions were available. However, the attack was successfully repelled.

How Kyivstar was attacked

At the end of 2023, there was a large-scale cyberattack on Kyivstar, a mobile operator. According to its president, Oleksandr Komarov, hackers used a compromised account of one of the company's employees to bypass the operator's cybersecurity. "This happened because the account of one of the employees was compromised," he said.

Later, the head of Ukrainian cyber intelligence, Ilya Vityuk, said that the hackers had been in the Kyivstar system since May last year. He emphasized that even if someone helped the hackers from the inside, they did not have a high level of access, as they also used password-stealing software.

"We can now say with certainty that they have been in the system since at least May 2023. I can't say from when they had... full access: probably at least since November," he told Reuters.

Kyivstar itself said that the official investigation into the cyberattack is still ongoing. Therefore, until it is completed, none of the versions can be considered final.

At the same time, they emphasized that they do not confirm "the information about the alleged months-long access of hackers "inside" the company to the personal data of subscribers" and "their leakage."

"All information on the course of the cyberattack investigation is available on the official website of the Security Service of Ukraine, which is directly involved in this process. No facts of leakage of personal data of subscribers were found during the investigation," said Iryna Lelichenko, the company's representative.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, the cyberattack on Kyivstar caused losses of UAH 3.6 billion. The main reason for these losses is not the direct impact of the attack on the system but the compensation paid by the operator to its customers.

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