Scientists explain what makes us attracted to other people

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Scientists have revealed how attraction and love work

Love is a somewhat illogical and sometimes even incomprehensible feeling. Thus, scientists are persistently trying to get to the bottom of it. Researchers from Boston University say they have made a scientific breakthrough by explaining the main reason for human attraction.

The explanation is quite simple: everything is based on common interests and values. The report was published in SciTechDaily.

Scientists have thoroughly investigated the phenomenon of "similarity-attraction": we like people who are similar to us and share our interests, likes, and dislikes.

Researcher Charles Chu, an associate professor of management and organizations at BU Questrom School of Business, tested this theory by analyzing the conditions that influence whether we feel attracted to each other. He found one factor that psychologists call self-essentialist reasoning: people imagine that they have some deep inner core that shapes and defines their personality. In fact, we find those who share common interests and values with us attractive. This includes a common philosophy of life, views on global issues, and worldview.

However, a study by researchers at Boston University also shows that our tendency to connect with someone simply because of shared interests can limit us and our options for partners. Often, when choosing a partner, although we notice that he or she is completely incompatible with us in some aspects, we continue to live together if these nuances are not the fundamental basis of the relationship.

"The research shows that we often fill in the gaps in relationships with our own illusions or feelings. Sometimes this can lead us to make some unjustified assumptions," Charles Chu emphasized.

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