Saturn retrograde will affect every zodiac sign: who should be wary

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Saturn retrograde will affect every sign of the zodiac. Source: freepik.com

One of the most important and mysterious aspects of astrology is the retrograde movement of planets. Soon, Saturn, the planet symbolizing time, discipline, structure, responsibility, and limitations, will face this.

At first, it seems that this event will bring many challenges, but Saturn retrograde in Pisces will show that the reverse movement of planets can also provoke positive changes. However, astrologers warn that some signs should still be wary.


Aries should stop denying your true feelings. Usually you try to act tough because people expect it, but when Saturn goes retrograde in your twelfth house of the subconscious, you will realize that there is power in vulnerability. This will start a process of deep and subconscious healing. Looking within and doing the shadow work will be challenging but very rewarding.


The universe will test your public relations and relationships as Saturn retrograde reaches your eleventh house of friendship and dreams. Over the next few months, you may begin to think differently about your alliances. A friendship or community that you once felt close to may no longer be satisfying or rewarding. Make a choice and determine which relationships are worth continuing and which are not.


It's time to refocus your energy. Your professional growth may slow down as Saturn goes retrograde in your tenth house of career and success. While this period may not be very productive, it can be insightful and help you determine what you really want to do in life.

Saturn retrograde will affect every zodiac sign: who should be wary


Open your mind to new perspectives as Saturn retrograde opens your ninth house of adventure and higher education for the next four months. During this period, beliefs and morals will be at the forefront, but will need to be re-examined. Your worldview may change a bit, so you can look at familiar things from a different angle.


Be honest about your financial decisions as Saturn retrograde will affect your eighth house of debts and assets. This is likely to improve your financial situation. However, Leos may also realize that some financial arrangements are draining their resources and energy. Take back control. Financial literacy can help you make better decisions about restructuring your assets and liabilities.


Some relationships are not meant to stand the test of time. Sort out your commitments when Saturn retrograde affects your seventh house of partnership. Virgos usually start working tirelessly to improve a romantic or professional relationship if it's having problems. This is great, but the universe doesn't want you to waste precious energy on unpromising connections.


The purpose of life is to find balance and be happy. Think about what you need to change when Saturn retrograde is in your sixth house of health, habits, and routine. Excessive flexibility may have caused you to become lethargic over the past few months. If you want to break this pattern, it's time to rethink your current schedule and goals.


Saturn retrograde opens up your fifth house of pleasure and passion for the next four months. Have fun and get your priorities right. This can be the perfect time to focus on having fun and balance household chores, pleasure, work, and study.

Saturn retrograde will affect every zodiac sign: who should be wary


Following the influence of Saturn retrograde, your duties and responsibilities may change as it re-arranges your fourth house of home and family. The next few months can be a great time to set new personal boundaries. You can use this energy to improve your family relationships by offering a new tone of interaction.


Think before you speak. You will better understand the power of words when Saturn retrograde draws attention to your third house of communication. Anything you say or write could come to fruition over the next four and a half months. In addition, it can also be the perfect time to edit your form of communication. This will help you feel confident in your thoughts, statements and knowledge.


Take a close look at your financial habits and behaviors as the retrograde will be in your second house of money. During this event, you may realize that you are blocking your own prosperity. Perhaps your financial habits lead to unnecessary waste of resources. Believe in yourself, don't miss opportunities, and don't spend all your money at once.


You may need to relax your internal controls a bit as Saturn retrograde enters your first house of identity and appearance. Over the past year, you may have been intent on improving yourself and your overall confidence and have been quite self-critical. Being honest with yourself is necessary, but you should also show yourself kindness and compassion. Try not to speak negatively about your character, body, or appearance, because words have power.

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