Not just iPhone: seven successful projects of legendary inventor Steve Jobs

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The inventions of the "father of the digital revolution" that expanded the capabilities of technology.

February 24 is the birthday of Steve Jobs, a man who radically changed the world of technology. The legendary American inventor and entrepreneur passed away in 2011 at the age of 56. He failed to overcome pancreatic cancer.

During his lifetime, Steve became known as the co-founder and owner of Apple. However, he invented at least 230 different technological innovations: computers, portable devices, user interfaces, sound speakers, power adapters, etc. Read more about some of Jobs' successful projects in the OBOZREVATEL article.

  • Apple

This is a computer that was created in 1976. It is far from the first, but it was the first device to accumulate data using user programs. Previously, computers were sold as a kit that needed to be assembled, but the Apple I was already assembled on a circuit board. The only thing that was inconvenient for users was the need to purchase a display and an electrical wire. The PC was assembled by Steve Jobs' friend Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, but it was Steve Jobs who initiated the creation of this invention.

Steve Jobs created the Apple I computer
  • Macintosh

In 1984, Apple created the 32-bit Macintosh computer, the first PC with a mouse, keyboard, and graphical interface. This innovation in the world of technology became the foundation of the company's business. The company developed its own operating system specifically for this device.

Macintosh, the first PC with a mouse, keyboard and graphical interface
  • NeXT computer

Apple started producing NeXT in 1988. Jobs himself was delighted with this novelty. He said that such a computer was 5 years ahead of time. Steve called it an interpersonal computer because the system of this device supported interactive graphics and audio in e-mail messages. Subsequently, NeXT was used to create the world's first httpd web server and the first browser, WorldWideWeb (renamed Nexus to avoid confusion with the World Wide Web).

Apple started producing NeXT in 1988
  • iMac

This is the first Apple computer of the "new era", which was created in 1997. The iMac monoblock was made of translucent plastic, which gave the model a somewhat futuristic look. The device has built-in speakers, a photo and video camera, wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, this novelty came with a remote control that could be used to turn on music, video, and open photo collections.

The first iMac was created in 1997
The first iMac's monoblock was made of translucent plastic
  • iPod

It was on the initiative of Apple's CEO that the first portable media player, the iPod, was created in 2001. This device contained a 5 GB hard disk that could store 1000 songs. Jobs holds 85 patents related to this invention.

The iPod was created in 2001
  • iPhone

In 2007, Apple created the first smartphone, which quickly began to gain fame and overtook competitors' brands, such as Blackberry. The iPhone was a real breakthrough in science as it had an Internet access point and a well-designed user interface. In addition, developers added a library of applications to it. Today, this device has become one of the most popular among other smartphones as it has gained a reputation for being practical, reliable, and adding to the owner's solidity.

The first iPhone was created in 2007
  • iPad

This device was created in 2010. The iPad is a kind of symbiosis of a computer and a phone: a classic example of an Internet tablet. Steve Jobs is convinced that this particular invention can replace the PCs we are used to in the future. After all, they are constantly being updated with advanced features, along with smartphones and laptops or computers. Unlike a PC, the iPad is more convenient to transport.

The first iPad was created in 2010

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