"Niagara Falls" in Ternopil region: a fascinating tourist location

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Dzhuryn waterfall: interesting facts

Our country is home to many natural and man-made masterpieces that can compete with attractions from around the world. For example, the Dzhuryn Waterfall, located in the Ternopil region. Today we will tell you about its grandeur and beauty.

How the waterfall appeared: the main versions

The history of the waterfall is still not known for certain. But we can say for sure that it is man-made. The ancient city of Chervonohorod used to be located not far from its location. It was an unbreakable fortress that many conquerors who wanted to take Ukrainian lands by force stumbled over. Today you won't find this name on any map. Unfortunately, the fortress was wiped off the map.

Historians identify the three most plausible hypotheses in their opinion. Some believe that the monument was born during the reconstruction of the castle. It became an addition to the park that surrounded the palace. According to another version, the fountain was made to protect the bastion from the Turks, who in 1672 tried to conquer the impregnable structure.

However, most researchers are inclined to believe that Dzhurynskyi waterfall was necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the local mill. The windmill depicted on the maps of the seventeenth century serves as proof of this.

''Niagara Falls'' in Ternopil region: a fascinating tourist location

Basic information

The waterfall in Chervonohrad is the highest waterfall on the plains of Ukraine. Its height is 16 meters and the width of the cascades is as much as 20 meters. Its turbulent streams cover an area of 0.7 hectares.

It looks very similar to the world-famous Niagara Falls. That's why it is constantly crowded with tourists. In summer, you can swim in it. However, be especially careful when diving because there are stones at the bottom.

By the way, there is a kiosk on the territory of the natural monument where you can get coffee or something to eat. But if you plan to stay here for a few days, it's better to stop by a store on the way and stock up on provisions. The nearest one is in the neighboring village, 4 kilometers from the site.

Important! We recommend arriving there early in the morning. Then there are not so many people here, so you can see it in all its glory.

''Niagara Falls'' in Ternopil region: a fascinating tourist location

Interesting facts

The ground in the vicinity of the fountain is red in color. This is especially noticeable after rain. It is because of this peculiarity that the former fortress was named Chervonohorod. Unfortunately, the fortress has not been fully preserved to this day, but its ruins remain.

The unusual color is due to the presence of certain chemical elements in the rocks. Just imagine: the puddles here look like blood or wine.

''Niagara Falls'' in Ternopil region: a fascinating tourist location

What to see nearby

There are many places worth visiting in the Ternopil region. And most of them are located not far from Dzhuryn Waterfall.

A 10-minute walk away are the ruins of the defensive structure of the disappeared city and the Dominican Church. The exact adress of the ruins: Chervone tract, Zalishchykyi district, a few kilometers from Nyrkiv.

If a thirty-minute walk doesn't scare you, go to another waterfall: Maiden's Tears. By the way, the natural object hides a grotto: the Hermit's Cave. According to a legend, a monk, who was engaged in stone carving, lived there. Unfortunately, all of his works have been confiscated. Only one remains, namely the statue of St. Onufriy. Be sure to take a walk to the Dniester Canyon. It is one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine, so describing its beauty doesn't even make sense.

An hour away, in the village of Shutromyntsi, Chortkiv district, there is another waterfall. The main advantage of the attraction is that tourists rarely come here. So here you can safely admire nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

''Niagara Falls'' in Ternopil region: a fascinating tourist location

How to get there

There are actually a lot of options. You can get there by public transport or by your own car. But keep in mind that in both cases you will have to walk because the entrance to the territory of the natural complex is prohibited.

You need to get to Ternopil, then to Nyrkiv, and then it's just a short drive away. It takes about three hours to get from the "beautiful city" to the village. You can take a train and get to the Vorvulyntsi railway station. If you choose this option, it is better to take a bicycle with you. In this case, head to the village of Horodenky, and then turn towards Nyrkiv.

There are many attractions in our country that are even better than those abroad. Plan a trip to the Dzhuryn waterfall to see this beauty with your own eyes. Have a nice trip!

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