Little-known European cities you should definitely visit

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Europe has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations. Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Vienna: all these cities are well known to us. Their streets are striking in their beauty. However, there are some places that few people know about, and that's a shame. Let's talk about them.

Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a small town located in the west of Croatia on the Adriatic coast. It has an impressive history, well-preserved medieval architecture, and a rich cultural heritage. Thanks to this, it can be the perfect destination for your vacation.

The streets of Trogir are filled with medieval architecture, stone-walled houses, narrow passages, and hidden locations that create an authentic atmosphere. However, the main attractions of the village are located in one place, the central square. Here you can see the ancient Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the laconic City Hall and the Church of St. John the Baptist.

By the way, stop at the aforementioned cathedral for a few minutes. It's an impressive building with a long history and artistic masterpieces inside. It was built on a truly holy site as it used to be a church that existed for many years.

If you want to learn about the history of the city, visit one of the local museums. Most of the exhibits are collected in the collection of the Trogir City Museum. The modern life of the settlement is in full swing on the streets and squares. Various concerts, art events and local festivals are often held here. So you'll be lucky if you catch one of them.

And at the end of your trip, don't forget to admire the incredible views on the Adriatic Sea. The best way to do this is to have a picnic on one of the local beaches or book a table on the terrace of a cozy restaurant.

The city of Trogir impresses with its history and beauty, and its atmosphere in synergy with its rich cultural heritage makes it a great vacation destination.

Little-known European cities you should definitely visit

Bregenz, Austria

Bregenz is a small city located in the east of Austria on the shores of Lake Constance, which borders Germany and Switzerland. It is a cultural and tourist center that attracts visitors with its beautiful nature, exciting events, and historical heritage.

One of the most famous events in this part of Europe is the annual Bregenzer Festspiele. It includes a variety of events related to opera and classical music, traditionally held near the picturesque Constance Lake. By the way, it offers incredible views of the mountains.

For a relaxing walk around the city, choose one of the many green areas. We recommend visiting the local botanical garden, located on a high slope. It offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of various plants and fountains.

If you prefer architecture, then take a walk in the central part of Bregenz. Here you will see many interesting buildings, including the city council and a market where you can buy delicious fruits and vegetables.

The most popular tourist attraction is the medieval castle, which offers a fascinating landscape from its observation decks. From here you can see the whole city, including the lake.

By the way, many hiking routes to the tops of some mountains in the Alps begin in Bregenz. You can also go cycling or water sports in the city itself.

This corner of Austria combines cultural and natural riches, making it an attractive destination for tourists seeking peace and relaxation.

Little-known European cities you should definitely visit

Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck is a wonderful city in the northern part of Germany with a rich historical heritage and a special atmosphere. By the way, it has access to the Baltic Sea, which makes it even more attractive to visitors.

Thanks to the incredible amount of well-preserved ancient architecture, Lübeck is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Narrow streets, colorful houses, and interesting buildings distinguish the city from other tourist destinations in the country.

In the city, you can see several gates and the ruins of the defensive walls, which still impress with their scale and detail. In addition, there are guild houses where craftsmen and traders used to unite to solve common problems.

However, tourists especially like the Cathedral Square with its large Gothic cathedral in the middle. They come here to enjoy the view of the religious building and take some impressive photos in front of it.

Lübeck is a city that gives you the opportunity to delve into the history, art and cultural heritage of Germany, enjoy the beautiful architecture and feel the special atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Little-known European cities you should definitely visit

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