Kyiv City Council de-Sovietizes 26 educational and cultural institutions in the capital

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Kyiv City Council renamed 26 educational and cultural institutions in the capital
Kyiv City Council renamed 26 educational and cultural institutions in the capital

The Kyiv City Council has stripped 14 educational and 12 cultural institutions of their Russian names. These decisions were made on Thursday, November 9.

This was reported by the press service of the Kyiv City Council. Most deputies supported the de-Russification of the capital's facilities.

"In times of war, the city authorities have joined forces with the public and show their correct attitude to the process of de-sovietization and decommunization. The names of the capital's urban facilities, educational and cultural institutions should not bear the names of Russian and Soviet figures, and cannot perpetuate the historical events of the aggressor country and its colonization past," said Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Bondarenko.

Thus, according to the decision of the Kyiv City Council, the names of the libraries have been changed:

  • V. Kotyk library will become "On Mezhyhirska";
  • F. Dostoevsky will be named after G. Skovoroda;
  • M. Lermontov will be named after I. Shamo;
  • O. Novikov-Pryboi will be named after M. Slaboshpytskyi.
  • Nekrasov Street will become Holosiivska Street;
  • "Chapayevka will lose this prefix;
  • S. Aini Street will be named after A. Dimarov;
  • A. Griboyedov will become "Library on Vyshhorodska";
  • K. Chukovsky will be named after H. Chubach;
  • "The Druzhby Narodiv library will become the Ethnolibrary;
  • The City Specialized Youth Library will lose the prefix "Moloda Hvardiya".

In addition, the following educational institutions will change their names:

  • Kyiv Children's Music School No. 14 named after D. Kabalevsky will be named after Y. Shchurovsky;
  • No. 2 named after D. Karbyshev will become Lyceum No. 2 named after Hero of Ukraine V. Yerko;

"The names of M. Kyrponos, Z. Slyusarenko, V. Molchanov, A. Pushkin, Y. Gagarin, I. Kudri, A. Makarenko, O. Boychenko, K. Gaponenko, M. Hromov, I. Khytrychenko, V. Kudryashov, S. Kovpak will disappear from the names of Kyiv schools," the press service emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Chelyuskintsev Street in Darnytsia district was renamed in honor of Ukrainian soldiers who defended and later liberated Zmeinyi Island in the Black Sea from Russian occupiers. The decision was supported by 10,630 citizens in an electronic vote.

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