Karelia is freezing due to Shoigu's department? Unexpected data on problems in Russia

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Russia is facing a wave of accidents in heating networks and heat supply points

The wave of accidents that have left entire cities in Russia without heating has reached Karelia, and residents of several settlements there are currently experiencing freezing temperatures. The cause of the thermal 'collapse' is the operation of dozens of heat supply sources in Karelia by units of the housing and communal department subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Under the 'effective management' of Shoigu's department, which decided to cut costs on solid fuel for boiler houses in Karelia, residents were left without heating and, in most cases, without a hot water supply. OBOZ.UA obtained this information from its sources.

Karelia is freezing due to Shoigu's department? Unexpected data on problems in Russia

The 39 boiler houses in Karelia are operated by separate units of the housing and communal service of the 7th branch of the federal state budgetary institution "Central Housing and Communal Administration" from St. Petersburg. It is subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Defense and belongs to the Western Military District. The vast majority of these boiler houses, specifically 34 out of 39, run on solid fuel.

The Russian Defense Ministry purchases watered-down, frozen coal dust for these boiler houses, making it impossible to ensure the established parameters of the coolant at the outlet of the boilers.

According to our sources, the most critical situation is at two heat supply sources in the village of Chalna-1 in the Prionezhsky district of Karelia. The lack of quality coal and the shortage of personnel make it impossible to comply with the temperature schedule at the heating sources.

As a result, the living quarters do not meet sanitary requirements for the microclimate, and the temperature in them is kept at 11-13 degrees. This is not the first time such problems have occurred there.

Sources claim that the head of the administration of the Prionezh municipal district sent an appeal to the military prosecutor's office on this matter, but there has been no response or correction of the situation since then. On January 4, a "high alert regime" was introduced in the municipality.

Local residents of Suojärvi and Pitkäranta are also suffering from the cold. In Suojärvi, people complain about the lack of heating and water in a large part of the city. Numerous complaints have been filed not only about cold or barely warm pipes but also about freezing water and sewage pipes.

Karelian officials admit that there is a problem with the freezing of risers and basements, resulting in the freezing of pipes. As a solution, residents of problematic houses are advised to spend money on insulating basements and pipes.

In Pitkäranta, residents of a part of the city have completely forgotten about heating in their apartments, while others complain about barely warm radiators and a lack of hot water. The city authorities mention that "Petersburgteploenergo is working on cleaning the heat carrier, and in this regard, the temperature parameters have been reduced throughout the city." However, the promised deadlines for restoring the temperature regime in the apartments of Karelia residents have been violated.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that heating systems in Russian cities are failing en masse. Accidents are recorded both in regions remote from Moscow, including Novosibirsk, and in a number of settlements in the Moscow region, where batteries burst due to a lack of heating, and Russians warm themselves by fires.

Last year, Russian propagandists threatened to "freeze" Ukraine and "predicted" that Europe would freeze. This year, in the confrontation with "General Frost," Russia itself has suffered losses: recently, it became known that a navy captain froze to death in his own home due to a utility accident. Russian Z-blogger Fighterbomber called on Russians to bring firewood to the Millerovo military airfield in the Rostov region because Russian pilots are freezing there, and a missile warning center responsible for Russian nuclear strikes froze in the Moscow region.

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