It's time to take risks: tarot horoscope for the rest of the week for all zodiac signs

The recent new moon in Gemini and Mars in Taurus inspire us to achieve our goals. The tarot will tell you how to do it better. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mighty Mars has moved into Taurus, and this awakens our desire to plan and explore our main goals. With the recent New Moon in Gemini, everyone is feeling lucky, ambitious, energized and focused.

Astrologers say that it's really time to achieve your goals. And Tarot cards can give you a hint on this path. Read on to find out what they promise this week for your particular zodiac sign.

Aries: The Two of Cups

Your top priority goals right now are related to your closest relationships. You want to focus your attention on them, tell your loved ones how you feel, and treat yourself to something wonderful. And if you are single, then this week pay attention to the representatives of the water signs - you can truly fall in love. You're a passionate person, and love both makes you feel good and makes you feel bad. Work on your personal life this week, make the romance you dream of your goal.

Taurus: Seven of Cups

This week you're in an idea and reflection mode, dreaming and fantasizing about what you want to realize this summer. It could be a vacation, a bigger and better role, a transformation, a new love, a home renovation, or a purchase you've been saving for. Whatever it is, work on the vision, the ideal, the feeling of what you want to get and the path to achieve it. Get this part right and the process of realizing it will be quick and easy. Get your mindset right.

Gemini: Five of Wands

Your priority goal this week is to solve problems. Sometimes you have to overcome obstacles to enjoy the free flow of events again. Focus on what needs attention and adjustment this week. Deal with difficult issues. Solve problems. Get to the root causes and essence of things that you know have been bothering and disturbing you lately. Once you get them out of the way, you'll feel liberated and free. It's a great feeling, work on it.

Cancer: Five of Swords

You quickly and accurately notice tension and feel the atmosphere. You see the situation clearly. The Five of Swords shows that you are noticing tensions in your immediate relationships that you will have to unravel, resolve, and let go of this week. And this is very important because, as an empath, you absorb all the vibrations around you. Speak honestly, ask questions, listen carefully, take steps, offer compromises, apologize, ask for what you need. Leave this problem behind and return to love and light.

Leo: Queen of Swords

You are now engaged in a challenging, mentally stimulating, and worthwhile goal or project that you are going to make tremendous personal progress on this week. This is a solitary mission that requires you to learn and grow. You're getting to the bottom of something complex and creating a new process or outcome. This is very rewarding and may even lead to a dramatic change in your life or career in the future.

Virgo: Ace of Cups.

You are looking for new friendships, romance, creative alliances, and cooperation. You want social connections, new knowledge, loyal friends, and a partner you can trust and rely on. And you have everything for that. This week, put your world of communication and relationships first. Communicate, meet, visit, invite others, be in the center of things, and don't miss the opportunity to talk to new people about different things. This week, the world will open up to you. Don't be shy.

Libra: Two of Coins

Your project this week is to mix and match different elements of your world to create something new. It could be bringing different friendship or family groups together at a new event. It could be creating a new look, fashion, or aesthetic in your home or wardrobe. It could be introducing a new skill to your job and using it to revamp an old process or system. Think in new ways. It will not only be fun, but also rewarding.

Scorpio: Eight of Coins

Your goal this week is to finish a long job and feel satisfied with your efforts. The journey has been tiring, but it's almost over. This is the last push, so don't give up and don't relax. Keep going, because this week will be a breakthrough moment that will propel you further, and it will do so faster than you think. The rewards are waiting. You can celebrate this over the weekend. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune

You are working on major changes or transformations in your field. You will have to take some risks. It is likely that you will have to show great flexibility and adaptability as the Wheel of Fortune begins to turn and change your destiny. The consequences will be unpredictable, so for now, learn the first few steps (there's no point in going too far) and mitigate all the risks you can. And then get ready to start the process of change

Capricorn: Star

This week you can realize your dream. It may even be something that seemed unattainable before. Don't put anything off for later. Don't overthink things and don't doubt yourself. Visualize the goal and take a decisive step in its direction. The universe will understand the hint and bring you success. Everything is possible for those who dare.

Aquarius: Hierophant

You are moving into the position of an expert and leader, and now you are focused on making a good impression, getting things started quickly, and setting things up well. You are already trusted and admired, so you hold all the cards. Set clear goals with the help of a trusted and knowledgeable person. Know your desired results. Create a plan to achieve them and move forward. Prepare each next step carefully enough.

Pisces: Strength.

Challenge yourself this week. Think of something you want to try, explore, overcome, achieve, or learn. See the options available to you. Believe in your abilities and resources. Trust yourself and take action. Start this process with high hopes, because each step towards the goal will bring satisfaction and inspiration for further success. You can do anything. Prove it to yourself.

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