How to wash white clothes: they will always be like new

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How to properly wash white clothes so they don't turn gray. Source: freepik.com

White clothes always add purity, elegance, and freshness to an outfit. They also always look appropriate regardless of the season or fashion trends.

However, over time, white clothes can change color or get dirty, after which it will be very difficult to remove stains. That's why Apartment Therapy has told you how to wash your clothes to keep them shining like new.

Washing temperature

Every time you wash your clothes, you need to read the symbols on their labels carefully. The symbols printed there give clear instructions on temperature, washing machine speed, ironing, etc.

However, if you have cut off the labels or just want to use the default settings, choose the cold water cycle for white clothes. Besides the fact that this way your clothes will not lose their snow-white color, you will also save energy.

Also, remember that delicate fabrics should be washed by hand to avoid damaging them and prevent discoloration.

How to wash white clothes: they will always be like new

How to remove stains from white clothes

To prevent the dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric fibers, treat the stain immediately after you have spotted it with either a special stain remover or a laundry gel or powder.

If you use a liquid detergent, apply it directly to the stain for at least 20 minutes before washing. And if you only have powder, dissolve it in water and soak the clothes in the solution. After that, you can wash it as usual.


Ultraviolet radiation can fade the remaining color on the fabric. Therefore, leave your white clothes to dry in the sun after washing.


To keep your white clothes in good condition at all times, you can use high-quality, specially formulated laundry detergents for whites. However, follow the instructions and do not add too much bleach during washing, as this can harm the condition of the fabrics.

If you have sensitive skin or do not want to deal with aggressive chemicals, you should choose milder detergents, such as oxygen powder.

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