How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

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How to have a vacation in Greece on a budget

Vacationing in Greece is a pleasure. The magnificent beaches of this country attract so many tourists every year that it's hard to describe. And there are so many different kinds of entertainment: excursions to ancient ruins, walks around the picturesque islands, and colorful parties in clubs.

However, there is one thing: sky-high prices in the high summer season make this resort inaccessible to many foreigners or rather to those who don't know about these life hacks.

How to get to Greece on a budget

No matter where you decide to stay in Greece, always buy a ticket to Athens. There are many flights to the capital from Poland, Romania, and other countries bordering Ukraine.

You should monitor tickets at least 2 months before your trip to grab the best deal. We advise you to book your return flight as well as this will provide an additional discount.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

How to get around Greece

There are daily flights from Athens to the most popular islands. This is, in fact, the most convenient and fastest way to get to your chosen resort. But it is also the most expensive, so we recommend finding an alternative.

Ferries are a good option. They will also take you to any part of the country, although the journey will take a little longer. However, you won't notice it because all your attention will be directed to the incredible scenery that will surround you all the way.

By the way, there is a lot of competition among water carriers in Greece. And this plays into your hands because you can look at several different offers and choose the cheapest tickets. Some companies offer discounts if you book round-trip tickets at once or if you are traveling with friends or family.

You can also travel within the same island by bus, moped, or even bicycle. All these options are quite affordable and comfortable. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend money on an expensive taxi or car rental.

Railway connections in Greece are limited. But where trains do run, it is the cheapest way to get around. For example, the Athens-Thessaloniki route is very popular among tourists.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

When are the lowest prices in Greece

As we wrote above, Greece is a rather expensive country. But high prices are only observed here during the peak season, which is July and August. At this time, tens of thousands of tourists usually come to the country, and the prices for airline tickets and hotel rooms rise sharply.

The situation is better in June and September. The weather during this period is still good enough to swim or sunbathe on the beach, and prices are more reasonable. Compared to the high season, they fall by about 25%.

Experienced tourists go to Greece in late May and early October. Hotels are almost empty at this time, as are public places. However, it is warm outside, the water is warmed up and you can have a good rest with a 30-40% discount.

An important note: if you are going to come to Greece in the fall and spring, check with the hotel administration to see if they have heating or heaters in the rooms.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

When is the best time to start planning a vacation in Greece

As with other resorts, you should prepare for a trip to Greece at least 2 months in advance. This will give you the opportunity to choose from a larger number of offers. This applies to both airline tickets and hotel rooms. Thus, you will have a good chance to find more budget options.

We advise you not to stop at the most popular resorts at once but to consider different offers. Greece is beautiful from any angle. However, some islands here offer much more favorable options than others. Therefore, think carefully about the choice of region.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

How to save money on visiting cultural and historical sights in Greece

While traveling, you will definitely be surprised by the low prices of entrance tickets to museums in Greece. The country's authorities make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy its sights. To this end, additional discounts have been introduced for people under 25 and over 60. Thus, a walk around the Acropolis, for example, can cost you only a few dollars.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

Where to dine on a budget in Greece

Lunch in a restaurant in the tourist areas of Greece usually costs from $30. This is a lot of money, especially if you're on vacation with your family and have a limited budget. In order not to overpay for food, find establishments in your resort that are frequented by locals. They are located a little further away from the most popular streets, don't have large signs, and offer dishes of much lower prices.

In addition, most supermarkets in the country have departments with ready-made products, and bakeries offer sandwiches or delicious buns. These are much more favorable options for those planning a budget vacation.

How to save money on a vacation in Greece: tried-and-true life hacks

How not to overpay on beaches in Greece

You may not know this, but all beaches in Greece are free. However, you will definitely be charged a high fee for a sun lounger. Of course, if you don't know the main tourist trick.

Locals almost never rest on popular beaches. They move literally a few kilometers away and find a nice place where there are no crowds of tourists and they can sit on their own rug.

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