How to save money and save the environment: basic tips for the home

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These habits can help you save money and make your household more environmentally friendly at the same time. Source: Created with the help of AI

Home care can be quite unfriendly - we use a lot of plastic in our everyday lives, use a lot of household chemicals, and often apply quick fixes. As a result, we not only harm the planet, but also waste our money.

Meanwhile, some simple good habits can help you with both tasks at once - to switch to a more environmentally friendly and economical household. OBOZ.UA has collected five tips that you can use right now.

Choose solid products for the home

One of the easiest ways to reduce plastic consumption and save money is to use cleaning products effectively. And solid products can help with this. The simplest example is soap. A bar weighing 100 grams will last you much longer than a similar package of liquid soap.

The same goes for any other product. If you can buy a solid counterpart, you should choose it. In addition to being more economical, they also require less packaging material.

Buy large packages

This rule should not be explained to members of large families - they are well aware of all the benefits of bulk purchases. In the long run, purchasing large sets of various household items can also save you a lot of money. Just recalculate the cost per unit of goods in such a package and you will see that it offers the lowest price possible. Again, this helps to reduce the use of packaging plastic. The easiest way to switch to bulk purchases of items that don't spoil for a long time is to buy paper products, cleaning products, some food, pet food, etc.

Reuse containers

Some large portions of food are sold in plastic containers with lids. We usually throw them away as soon as we eat the whole product. But you can actually reuse such a container. You can put ready-made meals in the fridge, take some food with you on the road, give someone a treat at home, and so on. This use of packaging will be much more rational than buying ready-made plastic tableware.

Reduce the use of disposable items

Using cling film in the kitchen is very convenient, but it creates a lot of plastic waste. Did you know that you can replace it with reusable wax paper? Or even paper towels, which are easily recyclable. In turn, the task of paper towels to remove moisture in the kitchen is quite well done by textile towels and reusable rags that can be washed and disinfected. Almost any disposable item in the household can be replaced with a more environmentally friendly reusable counterpart. And it's worth it, because it's also more economical.

Buy replacement units

Many manufacturers have now started offering replacement parts for many of their products. This way, you can buy a bag of cleaning fluid and not have to buy a new spray bottle for it every time, but simply pour the contents into the one you already have. The advantage of such refills is that the packaging for them is usually made of recyclable plastic. Just hand over such packaging to a waste collection point.

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