How to return snow-white color to socks: a simple trick

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How to return snow-white color to socks. Source: freepik.com

White socks are a versatile and irreplaceable wardrobe staple. However, over time, they can lose their original whiteness, turning yellow or gray.

Dirt stuck to white socks is a fairly common problem that can be frustrating for many people. Therefore, Express shared a washing method that will help get rid of it.

Stains quickly appear on white things and are difficult to remove. This is especially true for socks that are in direct contact with the floor, where dust and dirt settle.

Unfortunately, even specialized laundry detergents with bleaching properties often fail to remove stubborn stains. Because of this, it may seem impossible to restore the socks to their original appearance. However, there is one unusual method that will allow you to return them to their original snow-white color.

How to return snow-white color to socks: a simple trick

How to return white color to socks

You've probably heard of the useful household properties of baking soda and vinegar. Their combination can indeed whiten white things to some extent, but there is an alternative natural product that gives one hundred percent effect, and that is crystalline soda.

Although soda crystals are not a bleaching agent, they are guaranteed to return your socks to their snow-white color. All you need to do is add them and a spoonful of detergent to hot water and soak your clothes in this mixture for 30 minutes.

You can also fill a large saucepan with water and boil socks with crystals for about half an hour before putting them in the washing machine.

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