How to repel mosquitoes and midges: simple but very effective remedies

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Annoying mosquitoes and other small insects can completely ruin a pleasant summer vacation. Some of them bite painfully and can even provoke an allergic reaction, while others just fly around and buzz unpleasantly.

Of course, you can buy various fumigants and repellents to get rid of the problem. But there are two nuances. First, they are based on quite toxic chemicals, albeit in low concentrations. And secondly, some of them run on electricity and will not be of any use during blackouts. That's why OBOZ.UA has collected several folk ways to get rid of summer insects that do not have these disadvantages, and are cheap and easy to use.

Essential oils

Many smells that we consider pleasant are absolutely unbearable for insects. These include the scents of tea tree, eucalyptus, clove, thyme, geranium, or lavender. All of them can be used in the format of essential oils. Mix 30 grams of any neutral oil (sunflower, olive, grape seed) or unscented cream with 20 drops of one of the above products. Apply this mixture to exposed areas of skin during outdoor activities. But don't forget to do a skin reaction test beforehand – essential oils can cause allergies.

Indoors, aroma lamps with these oils work well. You can also soak a cotton pad or napkin in them and place it on an open window or near the bed.

Decoction of cloves

This remedy also repels mosquitoes and midges thanks to its aroma, but it is made from whole clove heads, which can be purchased in the spice section of any supermarket. Take a tablespoon of dried inflorescences, pour cold water over them, bring to a boil over low heat, turn off the heat, wait for the liquid to cool, and strain it. The resulting product can be applied to the skin or sprayed on clothes.

You can also combine cloves with lemon. Stick as many dried buds as possible into a thick slice of fruit. This makeshift fumigator will protect you from insects if you put it next to you.

Vanilla lotion

To prepare this remedy, dissolve a teaspoon of vanilla in 250 ml of clean water. The finished solution can be applied to the skin, sprayed on clothes and rooms. A mixture of vanilla and baby cream will also be effective. Take half a teaspoon of the product per 50 grams of cream and mix thoroughly. Apply to the skin as needed.

Decoctions of roots

Another group of odors that insects cannot tolerate is the smell of valerian, wormwood, or wheatgrass roots. Collect and grind any of them to make about a handful of product. Pour 1.5 liters of cold water over the root, bring to a boil over low heat, and pour into a thermos, where you leave for 30-60 minutes. Then strain and cool the broth. It can be applied to the skin or used for protective sprinkling. But keep in mind that valerian can repel mosquitoes but attract cats.


The smell of camphor is quite specific, but it is absolutely unbearable for annoying insects. If you're ready to put up with it, use any camphor-containing product for external use. Apply a little on your wrists or behind your ears and you will be enveloped in a cocoon of this fragrance that will protect you from mosquitoes for several hours. You can make a home fumigator by boiling a little water, adding a few drops of camphor to it, and letting the liquid boil for a few minutes. The room will be filled with camphor vapor, which will drive away insects.

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