How to make a successful makeup for an interview: useful tips

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An interview is an important step in the job search that requires careful preparation. You should present yourself well not only professionally, because no matter what anyone says, the first impression is always based on appearance.

Makeup plays an important role in forming an opinion about a person, as it can make them look confident and well-groomed. That's why Indeed has shared some tips to help you make up for a job interview.

The first impression you make on an employer can be a key factor in your success at an interview. Your appearance demonstrates not only your attention to detail, but also your ability to present yourself in a professional manner.

Makeup for a business meeting should be discreet, elegant, and natural.


The key to good makeup is healthy, moisturized skin. Use a good quality moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type to keep your skin looking fresher and firmer.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are the perfect palette for an interview. They will complement any skin tone and emphasize the advantages of your natural features. Pinks, browns, creams, and bronzes will make you look fresher and more rested without drawing attention to the fact that you are wearing makeup.

How to make a successful makeup for an interview: useful tips


Before applying your makeup, apply a light primer to ensure that your makeup stays put and doesn't run during the interview. It also evens out your skin tone and creates a smooth surface for even foundation application.

Color corrector

Before applying concealer to dark circles under your eyes or spots on your skin, try using a color corrector. It neutralizes redness and dullness with something that has the opposite color. For example, a green-yellow concealer is often used to cover up red-purple acne scars.

Lightweight foundation

Use a lightweight, breathable foundation that blends in with your natural skin tone. Coverage that is too dense can appear too artificial in office lighting and make you look sweaty. This will be especially evident if you are nervous during the interview.


A small amount of eyeliner can add definition to your makeup, but keep it natural and professional. If you want to make arrows, keep them short and subtle. Also, consider using brown instead of black.

Avoid dark lips

You can complete your natural look with a lip balm, a light gloss, or a neutral-colored lipstick that will help you feel confident. If you prefer something bright, a subtle red lipstick can be suitable for an interview, but avoid colors that are too dark, which will look harsh and intimidating.

How to make a successful makeup for an interview: useful tips


Well-groomed eyebrows can make a big difference to your overall appearance, making you appear stronger and more confident. Pluck out any excess hairs that grow outside of their natural shape and use a brow gel or powder to style your brows without looking too harsh or artificial.

False eyelashes

If you are used to false eyelashes, you may think that they enhance any look. But it's better to give them up during the interview, because they can come off during the interview or seem too artificial to the employer.

Do not experiment

During the interview, you should stay in your comfort zone to feel more confident. Makeup is an art that requires practice and precision, so don't experiment with products or application techniques before an important meeting.

Setting spray

Finish off your look with a setting spray to keep your makeup in place throughout the day. Knowing that your makeup looks good will help you stay focused and confident during the interview.

Bring your own makeup

Bring lipstick, foundation, a small mirror, and a few cotton swabs or napkins before you go to the interview in case you need to touch up your makeup.

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