How not to store clothes in your wardrobe

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Proper storage will keep things in good condition longer

Proper clothing care includes not only a thoughtful approach to washing clothes but also to their storage. This way, you can avoid premature wear, protect fabrics from moths, and even simplify the task of creating fashionable looks.

OBOZREVATEL asked experts how to organize the storage of clothes so that they serve you as long as possible and keep their good looks. You will probably reconsider your approach to organizing your wardrobe after reading this article.

Wardrobe fittings are very important

When we renovate, we often think that we can save some money on the wardrobe. However, cheap wardrobes can often have low-quality fittings that can leave marks on fabrics, or simply be unsuccessfully arranged to suit your needs.

Thus, before choosing a suitable piece of furniture, analyze your wardrobe in more detail. How many things of what type do you have and how do you plan to store them? Look for or order a wardrobe that can meet all your needs so that it has the necessary number of shelves and hangers, sufficient height to accommodate long items, is easy to use, and has a special section for shoes.

Shelves or drawers

We are used to the fact that knitwear cannot be hung because it stretches. Thus, it is convenient to put it on shelves. But when looking for the right T-shirt, you can create a real mess in your closet in a matter of seconds. That's why experts advise you to equip drawers for storing knitwear and put things in rolls, not stacks. You pull out the drawer, take out the roll you need, and put it back in. It is simple and convenient.

If you already own a wardrobe with shelves, you can solve the problem with organizer boxes. Put your knitwear in them and put the boxes on the shelves.

The benefits of organizers

In general, there are a huge number of options for organizing a wardrobe today. These are boxes and drawers, hanging hooks and pockets that can be hung on the wardrobe door, and special boxes for storing all sorts of little things like ties, belts, or socks. Pay attention to them. They don't cost much, but they make the closet space more convenient and clear. They help you avoid clutter.

Vacuum bags and covers

Vacuum bags are very convenient for storing seasonal clothes, especially bulky winter clothes. Wash the item before storing it, dry it thoroughly, and place it in the bag according to the instructions. The item will take up much less space and will be thoroughly protected from external influences.

If you want to take extra care of clothes made of delicate fabrics or need to store items that you wear quite often, use covers. They will protect your blouses, shirts, suits, and dresses from contact with other objects, dust, and even moths. They will also allow them to "breathe" as most of these covers are breathable.

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