Holidays by the sea: 14 best resorts in Europe

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Where to relax by the sea

As the climate starts to change, we can smell summer in the air. Naturally, this arouses the desire to travel, and thoughts of vacation appear in our minds en masse. So where can you go in the last month of spring? Read on.


A popular tourist destination known for beaches, food, wine, and history. In May, the weather is great, and the air warms up to 20-24 °C. What locations do travelers love?

  • Algarve

The city is famous for its clean sea coasts and aquamarine-colored water. Quiet and secluded or lively and crowded beaches? It's up to you. You can play golf, surf, dive or go cycling. It has a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and warm winters. It is perfect for leisure activities all year round.

  • Madeira

An archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located about 900 kilometers from the country. Known for subtropical conditions, mountainous landscapes and flower gardens. From the beginning of June to August, the temperature here ranges from 25°C, and in the colder seasons - 18°C. The best time to vacation on the oasis is from April to October.

  • Azores Islands

Incredibly beautiful and rich flora throughout the territory. Famous for its natural wonders: volcanic craters, lakes, green meadows and waterfalls. Here you can watch whales and dolphins or go scuba diving. The crime rate is low, and the people are friendly and helpful.

Late spring is considered the beginning of the high season, so prices are rising rapidly.

Holidays by the sea: 14 best resorts in Europe


Numerous sandy shores for every taste. Spanish cuisine is a gourmet delight. Paella, tapas, and gazpacho are famous dishes in every corner of the world.

  • Ibiza

Do you dream of incendiary dances, endless music, and the coolest nightlife? Then this is the place for you! This location is rightfully considered the capital of club life. Here you will find legendary discos where the world's most famous DJs perform. In addition to parties, there is also a quiet kind of relaxation. There are picturesque swimming areas, landscapes and green groves. The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Mallorca

The pearl of the Balearic archipelago, where luxury is combined with affordability. It offers different types of accommodation: from cozy bungalows to grandiose five-star complexes. The resort is also famous for its high level of service and attention to every detail. The mild climate allows you to enjoy your vacation at any time of the year. Vacations are available for people with different budgets.

  • Tenerife

A paradise where the air temperature does not drop below 21°C even in winter. That is why its second name is "Eternal Spring". It is worth visiting the majestic Teide volcano, the highest point in the country.

You can also visit other famous resorts: Costa del Sol, San Sebastian, Benidorm.

Holidays by the sea: 14 best resorts in Europe


It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is home to the largest mountain canyon in Europe.

  • Chania

It is famous for its ancient architecture and clean coasts. For water sports enthusiasts, there are various types of activities: surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. If you want to see the pink sands, go to Elafonisi.

  • Rethymno

A region for those who want not only to sunbathe but also to get acquainted with cultural attractions. Be sure to visit the Rimondi Fountain, the Guora Gate, and the Neratze Mosque. By the way, the shrine is now used as a stage for theater performances, concerts, and lectures.

  • Heraklion

The capital of the island. The main recreation area, where all the popular places for leisure are located: The Knossos Palace, the Minotaur Labyrinth and the Venetian Loggia.

Holidays by the sea: 14 best resorts in Europe


The main advantage of this destination is the ease of obtaining a visa. You can apply for it online/by mail or at the airport. The water temperature in late spring ranges from 20-22°C, and the air warms up to 26°C. Perfect conditions for lying in the sun or going on a tour.

The season begins a little later than the May holidays.

  • Ayia Napa

The "Holy Forest" is located on the east coast, 40 kilometers (45 minutes drive) from Larnaca Airport. It was once a quiet fishing village. Today it is a lively resort with many restaurants, hotels, and discos. It has a vibrant nightlife that never stops.

Holidays by the sea: 14 best resorts in Europe

It's time for a reboot. Choose a route, book tickets and finally go warm your bones!

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