E-cigarettes less harmful during pregnancy than regular cigarettes - study

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It is possible to prevent the harm from smoking cigarettes during pregnancy with the help of nicotine-containing products .This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Queen Mary University of London after conducting a large-scale study involving pregnant smokers.

Scientists have found that the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy does not interfere with its course and is not associated with adverse effects. In addition,experts believe that nicotine-containing products help pregnant women to quit smoking regular cigarettes more safely.

Pregnancy without risk: to smoke or not?

In a new study, British researchers compared pregnancy outcomes in women who regularly used e-cigarettes or nicotine patches during pregnancy with those who smoked regular cigarettes. The study used data from more than 1,100 pregnant smokers from 23 hospitals in England and one social service in Scotland that helps smokers quit.

The study showed that e-cigarettes help pregnant sm okers quitwithout risking their pregnancy.

The researchers measured salivary cotinine levels, a metabolite of nicotine, at the beginning and end of pregnancy. Experts also took into account information about respiratory symptoms, weight, and other health indicators of newborns.

According to the study, 47% of participants smoked e-cigarettes and 21% used nicotine patches. Women who smoked and used nicotine-containing products during pregnancy had babies with the same birth weight as women who did not smoke at all during pregnancy.

The researchers concluded that regular use of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches did not have any negative effects onmothers and their newborns.

Nicotine-containing products are safer than regular cigarettes in late pregnancy.

Professor Peter Hayek, a leading researcher at the Institute of Health, Queen Mary University of London, said: "The experiment highlights two important issues: one practical and one related to our understanding of the dangers of smoking."

According to the study, e-cigarettes help pregnant smokers quit smoking more harmful conventional cigarettes without risking pregnancy and the health of the newborn baby.

According to experts, the use of nicotine-containing products is a safer and more reasonable way for pregnant women who want to quit cigarettes . According to the study, the impact of regular cigarettes on pregnancy, at least in late pregnancy, is associated with more dangerous compounds in tobacco smoke,not nicotine.

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