Do not throw them away: how to use old pillowcases

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Old pillowcases can make your move to a new home much easier. Source: Created with the help of AI

Moving is always a lot of stress, so any household life hacks that can make it easier are of great benefit. One of them involves the use of old pillowcases that you probably throw away when you change homes.

Experts say that these textiles can protect many things from damage when moving. OBOZ.UA figured out how exactly.

Usually, we use a large amount of bubble wrap, which allows us to safely move even really fragile things. And it is really justified for various appliances or dishes. But an ordinary pillowcase can increase its effectiveness. It will improve the cushioning of such items and protect the film from tearing. Thus, you will get an additional protective layer for everything fragile.

In addition, pillowcases can protect shoes and clothes from scuffs, cover small electronics from dust that is inevitable on the road, and absorb excess moisture from the air.

There are several different ways to use pillowcases to protect your belongings during a move. For wardrobe items such as shoes or bags, simply place them in the pillowcase like a pouch. Such a moving pocket will protect even delicate and richly decorated items and weigh very little. You can secure the pillowcase to small items with a hair band or string.

If you cut a small hole for a hanger in the center of the blank edge of the pillowcase, you will get a very convenient cover for your clothes. Put the pillowcase over your clothes so that the hook slides through the hole.

You can also put a whole bedding set in a pillowcase so that different items don't get lost when you move. Just fold the duvet covers and sheets so that they fit inside.

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