Contains gold and is not always red: six surprising facts about blood you might not know

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Blood can tell a lot about human health

Blood has always been a symbol of life and its unpredictability. It is a complex mix of molecules and cells that help our body function properly.

Did you know that blood contains gold and is not always red? Read more about these and other amazing facts about blood in the OBOZ.UA article.

Human blood contains gold

It turns out that human blood does contain traces of gold. In total, there is less than 0.2 mg of gold in the human body, and most of this can be found in the blood.

In addition, our bodies contain a diverse mix of other elements, such as silicon (used to make computer chips), vanadium (used to build nuclear reactors), and tin (used to make cans).

Blood is not always red

Blood can have different colors, and it is not always red. Usually, when we hear the word "blood," we imagine a bright red liquid flowing through our veins. But blood can be other colors, such as green or blue.

In humans, blood is red due to the presence of hemoglobin in our red blood cells, which contains iron and carries oxygen. The presence of iron gives blood a red tint when it is exposed to air (for example, when we see it outside our body).

Some species of octopus and some mollusks have blue blood due to the presence of hemocyanin, a protein rich in copper. Also, some other animals, such as snails, spiders, slugs, and squids, have blue blood for the same reason.

In Ukraine, the second blood group is the most common

Humans have different blood types, such as O (I), A (II), B (III), and AB (IV), which are determined by the presence or absence of certain antibodies and antigens in the blood. Antibodies and antigens are molecules in the body that play a key role in protecting against infections, such as dangerous viruses and microorganisms. Each blood type includes a different set of antibodies and antigens.

Blood type is important for blood transfusions and for determining compatibility in organ transplants. In Ukraine, as in many other countries, the most common blood type is group A, the second blood type.

The human body produces about 2 million red blood cells per second

This figure shows how quickly and efficiently the body can create the necessary cells to replace old and worn-out ones.

It is estimated that the human body replaces a whopping 330 billion cells per day. This number becomes even more impressive when you realize that it represents only about 1% of all our cells.

Our bodies need this many red blood cells because they are key to carrying oxygen to our cells. Without a constant replenishment of these red blood cells, our body would not be able to provide the cells with the necessary nutrients and oxygen to function properly.

Blood can tell you a lot about your health

Blood is not only a fluid that circulates in our body, but also an important source of information about our health. It can tell us a lot of interesting and useful things about the state of our body.

First of all, a blood test can provide important information about the level of various substances in our body, such as glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, electrolytes, and others. This allows you to identify possible deviations in their levels, which can be a sign of various diseases or organ dysfunctions.

Blood composition can also indicate the presence of infections, inflammation, or anemia. In addition, blood may contain markers of various diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease. Some blood tests can detect certain proteins or substances that may be associated with the risk of developing these diseases.

Thus, blood tests are an important tool for diagnosing and monitoring our health. It allows you to detect various pathological changes in the body in time and take the necessary measures to maintain health.

Mosquitoes prefer people with blood type O

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