Chemist explains how coffee addiction affects human brain

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Hlib Repich warns of the danger of coffee addiction

A morning cup of coffee is a wake-up ritual for many people. However, many of them admit that they can no longer wake up without the help of this drink.

Hlib Repich, a chemistry teacher, PhD in chemistry, popular TikTok blogger, scientist and TV star, explained to Novy Channel what are the dangers of coffee addiction. In short, we deceive our bodies with this flavored drink. But how does it happen?

The substance responsible for the effect of coffee is called caffeine. In its pure form, it looks like a white powder and is classified as a psychostimulant. Its effect is that caffeine stimulates the nervous system, increases efficiency and concentration, and reduces fatigue and drowsiness.

"How does it happen? Caffeine is very similar to adenosine, an important molecule responsible for the feeling of fatigue in our body. Adenosine is released throughout the day while we are awake, binds to special receptors in the brain, and generates a signal of fatigue. Therefore, in the evening, when there is a lot of adenosine, we usually feel sleepy," Repich explained.

"This similarity can play a trick on us. Thanks to this similarity, caffeine binds to adenosine receptors but does not activate them. So it blocks the receptors, and with them the feeling of fatigue. Which does not go away. It's like a painkiller that doesn't cure the pain but relieves it for a while."

However, the body cannot be fooled. Having received a portion of caffeine, it still begins to feel that something is wrong, increasing the number of fatigue receptors in brain cells. The mechanism is simple: the more receptors there are, the more coffee is needed to block them. Step by step, a person develops coffee addiction. "If you suddenly run out of coffee in such circumstances, it can turn into a real challenge. We will suddenly have a lot of unblocked adenosine receptors, and all the available adenosine produced by our body will simultaneously bind to all the fatigue receptors it can find," the scientist warned. This can make you feel as if all the pent-up fatigue has hit you at once.

To avoid this, Repich recommended drinking coffee in reasonable amounts. And don't forget about healthy sleep as it is the only truly effective way to fight fatigue.

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