Changes are inevitable: how Neptune retrograde will affect each zodiac sign

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We are in for a season of retrograde motion of the planets. The next celestial body to move in the opposite direction will be Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, mysticism, and illusion. However, astrologers note that since it is the second farthest from the Sun, the effects of this transit are usually quite mild.


You've been on a slow and deep transformational spiritual journey in recent years. The next five months will be important for you to integrate your findings into your life. During Neptune retrograde, your intuition will be tested, so it's worth turning to your inner wisdom.


You may feel lost in the crowd, but Neptune retrograde will help you begin to see your place in the team more clearly. It's time to take a more realistic look at what role you play in society.


Neptune in your career zone makes it a little difficult to know where you are headed with your professional life. But in a few months, you should be able to gain more clarity. Your ideas can make you stand out in the crowd. Don't waste your resources in vain.


You are in a spiritual search mode, open to new mystical concepts. During Neptune retrograde, it's time to decide what resonates with your soul and what is just interesting. Don't be afraid to explore new philosophical perspectives, but it's time to stand your ground and live by your beliefs.

Changes are inevitable: how Neptune retrograde will affect each zodiac sign


When something is bothering you, it can be tempting to just hide your frustrations and worries away and pretend they don't exist. But during Neptune retrograde, it's time to stop doing that and start addressing issues head-on. You will begin to see areas where you need to strengthen your boundaries and beliefs. Take advantage of this clarity.


It's time to re-examine your closest relationships and look at them with new eyes. Sometimes interpersonal connections can be confusing, causing people to start seeing only what they want to see. During Neptune retrograde, it will be easier to separate the truth from illusions.


If maintaining a work-life balance seems difficult, then Neptune retrograde is a good time to review and reform your daily routine. Life is full of responsibilities, but you deserve time for self-care and spiritual growth.


Neptune will bring a lot of creative inspiration and romance into your life, but it will be easy to get lost in fantasy. During this planet's retrograde, focus on bringing your projects to life. When it comes to it, make sure you don't fall in love with a version of the person you've created.

Changes are inevitable: how Neptune retrograde will affect each zodiac sign


You are always looking for travel and new experiences. Perhaps this is because your connection to your roots can be foggy. During Neptune retrograde, Sagittarians have the opportunity to understand the circumstances that made them who they are. If you're worried about old traumas, you may have a chance to heal them.


Expressing your deepest thoughts is not always easy if you rely on logic alone. If you allow your intuition to play a bigger role in your communication, you'll notice that life will become much easier and more enjoyable. During Neptune retrograde, speak the truth and communicate with people in a more open and spiritual way.


During Neptune retrograde, it's time to focus on the things that really matter. Don't be distracted by illusions and don't try to keep up with others. You have your own path. Let your intuition guide you to what is worth your time and energy.


This is the last full retrograde of Neptune in your sign in over 80 years, so tap into the energy that has been enveloping you for the past decade. You'll get to know yourself on a more intuitive and deeper level, but don't worry if you don't have a clear picture of how others perceive you. Stay true to yourself and everything will be fine.

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