Can be useful around the house: how to use silica gel sachets

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How to use silica gel sachets. Source: pixabay.com

Every time you buy a new handbag, shoe, etc., you can find small bags of silica gel. They absorb liquids and protect some products and food from moisture.

Usually, silica gel bags are simply thrown away, but there are actually several ways to use them in everyday life. House Digest told us about them.

Because of the "do not eat" label on silica gel sachets, people believe that they can be poisonous and dangerous. But in fact, the balls in these bags are made of silica, which is completely non-toxic. Plus, they can help you prevent moisture from building up all over your home, so don't be too quick to throw them in the trash.

Wet clothes

In the summer, when we regularly swim, in lakes, sweat, etc., our laundry basket can accumulate wet swimsuits and clothes. If you're not going to wash them right now, put them in a bag with silica gel sachets. This will help prevent mold and musty odors.


You may have noticed that sometimes salt and other spices stick together and form lumps. This is because of moisture. To get rid of this problem put silica gel sachets inside your spice jars. However, only use those that come with food for this purpose.


Shoes often start to smell unpleasant because of moisture accumulation. Therefore, if you put silica gel sachets in them, this problem will be easy to get rid of. You can also use this life hack to protect winter shoes stored in the garage or basement from moisture.


When unloading the dishwasher, you may unknowingly put dishes that are still wet in the drawers. This can lead to mold growth. Place silica gel sachets in the drawer to absorb any excess liquid.


Moist air can cause metals to rust and tarnish. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a few silica gel packets in your jewelry box.

Electronic devices

You probably know someone who has dropped their phone in water or spilled liquid on their computer, etc. There is a life hack that says you need to put the wet device in rice to absorb moisture, but silica gel will do a much better job. Just put the bags in a bag with the gadget and leave them overnight.


Dry seeds can be stored for 5 years. But if moisture gets on them, they will become susceptible to various kinds of bacteria and fungi that will prevent them from germinating in the soil in the future. Therefore, it is worth storing the seed with silica gel to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition.


A very small amount of moisture is enough to cause paper to deform and ink on documents to smudge. Therefore, protect your passports, birth certificates, and other documents by placing several bags of silica gel next to them.

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