Budget vacation at sea: where to go in 2024 not for all the money in the world

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Budget beach resorts in Croatia

Summer is in full swing and you haven't decided where to spend your vacation yet? Discover new magical places.


This small mountainous country is a real mystery for travelers. The water temperature here ranges from 25°C from June to August. Even though this is a Muslim region, there are no clothing restrictions.

  • Ksamil

Located near the Greek island of Corfu. The resort is famous for its beach bars, fish restaurants, and seafood markets. Be sure to visit the Butrint National Park here. It includes a large salt lagoon where mussels are grown. The reserve is home to seals, dolphins, turtles, lizards, herons, and more.

To learn more about the history of the area, we recommend exploring the ruins of the destroyed city of Butrotum. Here, we recommend paying special attention to the Greco-Roman walls, the Lion's Gate, the theater with marble sculptures, as well as the large basilica and the Venetian castle.

  • Saranda

Saranda is famous for its sandy beaches. It is here that the natural wonder of nature "Blue Eye" is located. The karst spring has an unusual color. The water is dark blue in the middle of the lake, and light blue at the edges. Most of all, the reservoir attracts experienced divers. After all, when you dive in, you can admire the incredible mysterious caves.

For those who do not like to conquer the depths, we recommend exploring the remains of the Lecursi fortress. Not far from the fortress are the ruins of an old monastery and an ancient Greek temple. They should not be avoided either.

  • Qeparo

Hotels, campsites, and restaurants are located in the lower part of the village. If you walk a little further, you can admire the citrus and olive gardens. In the upper town, we recommend visiting the local architectural monuments. Go to the Church of St. Demetrios, which has been standing here since the 18th century. Also, check out the ancient buildings from the Ottoman Empire.

In addition to the usual hotels, Albania's resorts offer guesthouses – small family apartments or rooms in the homes of residents. You can also choose camping in a specially equipped area. One night on the coast will cost about €10.

The country is perfect for those who want to escape from the large crowds of tourists. By the way, Ukrainians do not need a visa to travel, just a passport.

Budget vacation at sea: where to go in 2024 not for all the money in the world


The land of indescribably beautiful mountains and turquoise sea. The paradise will impress you not only with its medieval architecture but also with the hospitality of the locals. The season here begins in May and ends in September. But keep in mind that the cold spring in the region will postpone its beginning until mid-June.

  • Becici

The city is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. The average air temperature fluctuates around 27°C. Once, in 1935, the local beach won the Grand Prix in Paris. It was recognized as the most picturesque in the whole of Europe.

We advise you to start exploring the area from the Church of St. Thomas, which rises above the coast. And the village of Celobrdo offers a magnificent view of the island of Blessed Stephen.

  • Tivat

The resort is located by the Adriatic Sea. The port town successfully combines modern and ancient architecture.

The best beach in the country is Plavi Horizonti. Here, guests are offered changing cabins, fresh water showers, and lunch in a nearby cafe. Water skiing is a favorite pastime of tourists.

We strongly recommend visiting the city's pride, the botanical garden. It is home to various exotic plants from all over the world.

  • Budva

The town is surrounded by a fortress wall and is famous for its ancient castles. The place is perfect for those looking for active leisure and for those who enjoy a relaxing vacation.

If you like night parties, go to the Top Hill club. If you like silence, the Richard's Head beach will suit you. Interestingly, the entrance to it is located in the Citadel. Want to experience the local flavor? Head to the Zelena Pijaca market.

By the way, the distance from the international airport to the location is 20 kilometers. You can have dinner accompanied by live music at the Jadran restaurant. And be sure to listen to the poets' performances. They are constantly held on the main square.

Budget vacation at sea: where to go in 2024 not for all the money in the world


The wealth of natural attractions in the country is impressive: waterfalls and lakes, cliffs and caves, lavender fields and pine forests. It is possible to combine a seaside resort with a cultural vacation here.

  • Pula

The largest port city on the Istrian peninsula. You should visit the amphitheater here. It was built in the first century AD. But despite its age, the building looks great. The arena often hosts themed events and concerts, so there are a lot of tourists here. And there are plenty of locals as well.

Keep in mind that in Pula, most of the coasts are located on rocks or specially equipped concrete platforms.

  • Dubrovnik

One of the most visited resorts in the Mediterranean. The open-air museum has many world-class attractions. Among them are the St. John's Fortress, the Great Onofrio Fountain, and the Sponza Palace.

If you're looking for a palm tree-lined area, head to Lapad. The resort area is also decorated with pine and olive trees. These plants are a great protection from the scorching sun. Here you can rent a boat, pedal boat, or small yacht and explore the coast.

To watch real volleyball battles and mini-football competitions, go to Banje. And those who want to conquer high waves should visit Danče.

Interesting fact: "Game of Thrones" was filmed in the city.

  • Split

It is located on the Marjan Peninsula at the foot of the Mosorski Mountains. Its entire coastline is a real paradise for tourists. Many picturesque lagoons and coniferous forests are growing almost by the water.

In the city, it is worth visiting Diocletian's Palace, St. Duje Cathedral, the Golden Gate, and the statue of Grgur Ninski. Split is also a great place for sailing enthusiasts.

Budget vacation at sea: where to go in 2024 not for all the money in the world

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! It's time to create summer memories and go on a long-awaited vacation!

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