Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation

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Budget vacation in Thailand

The exotic country attracts tourists with its paradisiacal coastline, incredible flora and fauna, and reasonable prices. We'll tell you how to have a budget vacation below.

Getting there by plane

The road to Bangkok is the most expensive. It takes more than 15 hours to fly from Warsaw to the capital. The cost of tickets starts at $906 round trip. If you travel on weekdays, you can find cheaper options.

Connecting flights are usually cheaper than direct ones. The same goes for early booking: the earlier you choose a destination, the less expensive the trip will be.

Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation


The price of accommodation depends on the location and type of accommodation. Hostels are the most affordable option in Thailand. They usually offer places in shared or private rooms. Some establishments even have swimming pools, bars and other amenities.

The cost of a bed in an 8-bed room will cost $10. For a double standard for two people, you will have to pay $37 per night. By the way, there are also guest houses here. A night in such a house costs about $19 for 2 adults.

Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation


Bangkok is a paradise for those who love to eat. There is a large selection of restaurants, cozy cafes, and food stalls. By the way, you can taste not only Thai pad thai and tom yum dishes but also exotic Japanese sushi or Italian pasta.

Fans of street food will also like it here. Vendors offer everything from kebabs and deep-fried noodles to sweet desserts. Among the delicacies, we definitely recommend trying mango with sticky rice and coconut ice cream.

Lunch in an inexpensive bistro will cost $3, and in a mid-range restaurant you can order dinner for 2 people for $27. In a supermarket, a budget set of products is $6.38: bread - $1.44, milk - $1.73, 12 eggs - $1.86, a kilogram of bananas - $1.35.

Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation


The most popular means of transportation is the tuk-tuk. It is a small, open three-wheeled taxi. By the way, it is better to agree on the cost of the trip in advance to get a fair price. Keep in mind that many thieves are looking for profit here. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, you should take care of your belongings.

There is also regular public transportation in Bangkok. A bus ride will cost $1.18, and a taxi for 1 kilometer will cost $1.29.

Be sure to book a boat tour along the Chao Phraya River. It flows through the heart of the capital, so travelers will be accompanied by an incredible view of the city skyline.

There is also a subway system with two above-ground and one underground line. The cost of the trip depends on the distance. This is a relatively easy and convenient way to get to your destination quickly and cheaply.

Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation


The Royal Palace is the first location in the capital that every tourist should visit. The traditional building of Thai architecture impresses with its luxurious decorations and scale. The halls are worth seeing alone. They are even decorated with episodes from the life of the ruler Rama I.

The Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun) is considered to be the hallmark of Bangkok. Services and ceremonies are still held here to this day. Be sure to visit it in the evening. At this time, light performances are organized here, telling the story of the shrine.

A wooden castle was built here without a single nail. To admire the amazing structure, head to Vimanmek Mansion. The structure looks like a huge carved jewelry box. The rooms contain porcelain, furniture, hunting trophies, etc. All these things once belonged to the royal family.

For those who want to take a break from the bustle and noise of the city, we recommend going to Lumpini Park. Here tourists will find shady alleys and a pond with boats. Of course, you can go for a ride on catamarans. Cats, turtles, and even locusts live in the park. The entrance is free.

Budget Thailand: how to save money and have a good rest during your vacation

Summarizing the budget

A vacation for two for five days will cost:

  • Accommodation in a superior double room - $120
  • Lunches in an inexpensive cafe - $30
  • Daily bus fare, round trip - $23.6
  • Sightseeing costs from $3 to $15

While some travelers are returning from their desired vacation, you still have enough time to plan yours.

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