Brings happiness and the realization of desires in the house: how to grow a coffee tree at home

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You can harvest your own coffee right on your windowsill. Source: Created with the help of AI

If you love coffee, you might like the idea of growing a real coffee tree on your windowsill as a houseplant. With the right care, it can even produce a crop.

OBOZ.UA figured out what kind of care a coffee tree needs. Here are the main tips of those who wish to grow this wonderful plant at home. Superstitious people say that the plant brings happiness to the house, while coffee lovers with "green fingers" are satisfied with their own bean harvest.

How to choose and germinate seeds

The tempting idea of germinating your favorite coffee variety from beans sold for making the drink is unlikely to work. This is partly because these beans are sold already roasted.

A much more reliable method is to buy seeds for germination. They are sold in all garden centers and agricultural stores, including online ones. A bag with several seeds will cost you up to 30 UAH.

Once you receive the package, start by soaking the seeds. Put them in filtered water at room temperature overnight. In the morning, they will be ready for planting in the ground.

Of course, you can grow a coffee tree like a seedling, namely in special pots or peat cups. But it is much easier to sow the seeds directly into a pot. You don't have to move the plant outdoors, so you can skip the intermediate stage.

How to plant coffee tree seeds

The plant requires slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5. You can prepare a suitable mixture by mixing lemon substrate with sand or azalea soil in a 1:1 ratio. Or simply check the packaging.

Make sure that the coffee pot has a hole to drain excess water and don't forget to put a layer of expanded clay, small pebbles or other drainage on the bottom. The cushion of the substrate on which you place the beans should be at least 4 cm. There should be no more than 1.5 cm of soil above the seeds.

Moisten the soil well before sowing the seeds. But it should not be wet. You can saturate the soil well with water using a spray bottle. After sowing, place the pot in a warm place and water it regularly until the coffee tree sprouts. This will take about a month and a half.

Pay attention to which side you put the bean in the pot. It's best to put it flat with the groove facing down: the convex surface should be up. This way, when the roots emerge from the seed, they will immediately start growing in the right direction, which is downward.

Caring for a coffee tree

The plant loves a lot of sunlight, but the rays should be diffused. Therefore, it is better if the pot is placed near a window but not on the windowsill.

The optimal temperature for a coffee tree is 20-25 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures, its development slows down. If it falls below 10 degrees, the plant is at risk, so it is better not to allow this.

Coffee loves moist air and moisture but not wet soil. It is better to water the plant often but in small portions. Also, don't forget to put a humidifier near it or place the pot in a pebble tray filled with water. The drainage hole should be above the water level. This way, the roots of the coffee tree won't get locked in and the atmosphere around it will be sufficiently moist.

Harvesting coffee

If you do everything right, the coffee tree will begin to bloom in 3-5 years. Its flowers have a pleasant aroma, so your efforts will already be rewarded.

To get coffee beans, you will have to pollinate the flowers by hand, using a cotton swab or a small soft brush to transfer pollen from one flower to another. If you are successful, you will soon notice an ovary.

The berries of the coffee tree are considered ripe when they turn completely red. Pick them and spread them out to dry in a single layer. Turn the crop over daily to prevent rotting. After a week or two, when the flesh is dry, remove it to get the beans.

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