You can't always wash windows: the best way without streaks has been named, and it doesn't leave streaks

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How to clean windows without streaks

In summer, windows need to be cleaned more often because dust and dirt quickly adhere to transparent glass surfaces. The degree of contamination directly affects the quality of lighting and appearance.

There are many ways to clean windows, from good old newspapers to special chemicals. Express has shared the best recipe for a streak-free homemade solution.

When not to wash windows

Improper cleaning techniques, low-quality products, or linty rags can lead to streaks on the glass.

Cleaning expert and influencer Lynsey Crombie said that windows should not be cleaned in sunny weather, especially during peak heat. It is best to clean in calm and cloudy weather.

Heat will cause streaks to appear. The explanation is simple: the detergent will dry too quickly, leaving marks, stains, and streaks, and you simply won't have time to wipe it off properly and thoroughly. In this case, even polishing cloths and microfiber cloths will not help.

An effective stain remover

To prepare an effective streak-free glass cleaning solution, you will need:

  • water;
  • soap or dishwashing liquid;
  • white vinegar.

"The best way to clean glass is to use warm, soapy water with white vinegar," Lynsey said.

"White vinegar is often used as a cleaning and disinfectant; it contains active acids that quickly cope with dirt. It works effectively on windows, breaking down the greasy film that usually accumulates on the glass.

Add a small amount of detergent to the mixture if a lot of dirt has accumulated on the window. You can simply dilute vinegar with water in a 2:1 ratio and spray the glass with a spray bottle.

By the way, there is one interesting method that, after use, will literally repel dust from the glass. Cleaning experts recommend using fabric softener as the main ingredient. To keep the glass free of dust, you should first wash the windows in the usual way. You don't have to worry about stains - the fabric softener will take care of them. Read more about the life hack in the article.

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