Will make the look unique: make-up secrets for brunettes used by the stars. Photo.

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Make-up for owners of dark hair is usually distinguished by its expressiveness. Brunettes should carefully draw eyebrows, highlight cheekbones, and take care of an even complexion. The makeup of blondes and brunettes will differ dramatically, as dark graphic eyebrows and golden shadows look ridiculous on girls with blonde curls.

OBOZREVATEL will share some of the secrets of famous brunettes such as Zendaya, Emily Ratakovsky, Emilia Clarke, and Gal Gadot. You will definitely use these tricks in your make-up (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Ideal daytime makeup for brunettes

1. Apply foundation or BB cream to a cleansed and moisturised face. Use a sponge or brush to blend;

2. Apply concealer under the eyes and on problem areas, allow it to dissolve on the skin;

3. use beige eyeshadow. Highlight the corner of the eye with a delicate golden shade - blend. Make a thin arrow with liquid eyeliner;

4. Emphasise the cheekbones with warm-toned bronzer;

5. Colour the eyelashes with mascara;

6. Comb your eyebrows with brown gel;

7. Apply nude lipstick or your favourite lip gloss to your lips.


How to choose the right shade of eyeshadow for your eye colour?

Do not forget that make-up should be combined not only with the colour of your hair, but also with your eyes. If you have brown eyes, pay attention to shades of brown, copper, gold, as well as silver, burgundy or blue.


If you have green eyes, earthy brown, bronze, lilac, purple are ideal for eyeshadow.


To add depth to blue eyes, use blue, turquoise, brick red or orange-peach tones.


Wedding make-up secrets

To make brunettes' wedding makeup look amazing, you should rely on natural radiance. Opt for glitter - metallic or glitter eyeshadow. In addition, choose a liquid nude lipstick to make your lips appear more luscious. Highlight the cheekbones with a highlighter, applying it on the bridge of the nose and under the eyebrow.


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