Why you shouldn't clean in the evening and what else you shouldn't do after sunset

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Cleaning during the dark hours may invite misfortune

Household life is surrounded by numerous superstitions and signs, with one of them discouraging cleaning after sunset. But why is it considered unfavorable to clean your house in the evening?

OBOZREVATEL delved into the origin of this belief, which is associated with the energy of two luminaries - the sun and the moon. The daytime luminary is considered a symbol of life and light, while the nighttime luminary symbolizes death and mysticism. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform cleaning tasks in the dark.

For instance, taking out the garbage in the evening is believed to portend poverty because even waste carries the energy of the homeowners, and under the cover of night, it combines with the energy of the moon, bringing unfavorable outcomes.

Similarly, dusting or sweeping crumbs from the table after sunset is believed to signify poverty. Sweeping is seen as symbolizing the removal of everything good from the house into the darkness. This is particularly risky because the broom is considered a ritual object—it serves both as a protector of the house and an instrument associated with evil spirits, explaining why witches in ancient legends were said to fly on brooms. If you wash the floor in the evening, it is believed to not only take away money but also love.

In addition to cleaning, it is advised not to give alms at night, leave dirty dishes in the sink, settle or repay financial debts, count money, or take salt and bread out of the house.

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