Why you should not give knives: relationships will be ruined forever


Gifts are always difficult to choose, especially if you do not know thoroughly the tastes and preferences of the person to whom the gift is intended. Superstitious people believe that you should not give slippers, combs, pearls, purses, and candles.

But the most famous "gift" superstition is associated with knives. They say that this sharp object carries a very negative energy. Read in the article OBOZREVATEL why you should not give knives as a gift.

Popular superstitious wisdom says that to give knives is a quarrel. There are versions that the omen originated in pagan times when sharp objects were used for rituals, magic rituals, and even sacrifices. Since ancient times, people believed that knives carry destructive energy.

This belief, by the way, exists not only among the Slavic peoples. In Chinese and Latin American culture, a gifted knife is perceived as a symbol of the rupture of relationships - friendly, working, or personal. It is not customary to give knives in Arab countries.

Our ancestors also said that knives can "cut" good relationships, destroy peace in the family and cause conflicts and turmoil. Moreover - it could also "attract" diseases to the house.

Also not advised giving knives to newlyweds - then, they said, the whole life of the couple will be "on knives", and in general, it could bring a quick divorce.

The most fatalistic interpretations claim that the gift of a knife is a symbol of death, loss, misfortune, and grief.

To present a knife to a hostess - to bring difficulties in her personal relationships. Men also were not advised to choose a knife as a gift, so as not to bring fights, quarrels, and imprisonment.

By the way, there are at least 5 things that are best avoided as a moving gift. Why you can not give purses and mirrors and what to do if you have chosen an inappropriate gift - read in the material.

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