Why you should never dry things on radiators in winter: there is only one correct method

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Why you shouldn't dry your clothes on a battery

Doing laundry in cold weather can be a real challenge. Prolonged drying on the balcony or in the room leads to moisture accumulation, which is also the main cause of mold. Mold is not just an aesthetic problem. Fungal spores, spreading rapidly, can cause a number of health problems.

Thus, in winter, it is often tempting to put things on the battery and put dry clothes in the closet in a few hours. Experts have explained why you should never dry your clothes this way.

Mistakes when drying clothes

Peter Cox experts, who conducted a study in the UK, warned that many people make a common mistake by keeping windows closed to keep their homes warm. This creates false savings as more energy is needed to heat homes that suffer from dampness.

Lack of ventilation is a common problem. Without adequate circulation, warm and humid air has nowhere to go, which can lead to dampness and condensation and eventually mold.

One of the key ways to avoid mold and reduce humidity is to dry your laundry properly.

Experts warn that drying clothes on radiators not only blocks heat but also prevents air from circulating. During drying, water vapor is released, which again leads to excessive condensation.

Where to dry clothes in winter

Dry your clothes outside if you have a private house or on the balcony.

If you need to dry your clothes indoors, use a drying rack and periodically open the windows for better air circulation.

Interior expert Owen Whitlock added that this is the only best option during the cold season.

"Although hanging wet clothes over radiators will reduce drying time, it can cause excess condensation in the house. This will lead to mold growth, which can cause all sorts of damage, including stains on paintwork, not to mention allergens and health hazards," Whitlock emphasized.

In addition, it can increase heating bills as hanging clothes on a radiator will not allow it to heat your home.

If you dry your clothes properly and still notice that condensation and mold are forming, try using a dehumidifier.

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