Why iPhone loses battery power quickly: causes and how to solve the problem

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Saving an iPhone from a dead battery is quite simple

If your iPhone is losing battery power much faster than you'd like, it may not be the smartphone itself, but rather the way you use it. After all, it is your "habits" that can explain why your iPhone battery is draining so quickly.

OBOZREVATEL talks about 5 simple steps that will help reduce your smartphone's appetite and extend battery life.

Avoid frost

Modern technology does not like either heat or frost. If in the first case you have to put your smartphone aside to let it cool down and start working normally again, then at low temperatures you will notice that your gadget starts losing battery power faster.

But you shouldn't worry too much about this: for your smartphone to freeze, it must be at least 20 degrees below zero outside. It is at these temperatures that you should not use your iPhone outdoors. Apple even suggests that in the event of hypothermia, the gadget may simply switch off or not charge.

Screen brightness

The screen is one of the main "eaters" of battery power. So the brighter it is and the more you use your smartphone, the faster you will lose charge.

Luckily, you just need to lower the screen brightness and also set the auto-lock in case of idle time so that the screen does not continue to work while the phone is just lying on the table.

Apps running in the background

Apps running in the background also drain the battery. You can check which app is using the most battery by opening Settings and going to Battery. There you will see a list of apps that use more battery. Tap on any of them and you can see how long it has been running in the background.

Poor network coverage

An unstable network signal - both mobile and Wi-Fi - can also lead to faster battery drain. The reason for this is that the phone is searching for a better connection. That is why Wi-Fi search should be enabled only where you know for sure that there is a network, and the mobile network can be switched off using the airplane mode when you are far from the city.

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