Why humanity has not yet identified aliens: NASA announced a crushing theory

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NASA scientists have warned mankind of the great danger

The search for extraterrestrial civilizations is one of the most fascinating topics in science. Someone considers such searches as empty fantasies, someone sees in them the meaning of life, but the fact remains that even the American agency NASA ponders the issues of extraterrestrial contacts.

And in a new article, NASA experts have outlined their vision of why humanity has not yet encountered intelligent extraterrestrial life. According to Huffpost, the scientists' findings are capable of breaking the hearts of sensitive people.

According to experts, the reason for the lack of contact is that all intelligent life is likely to have destroyed itself before it reached a high enough point of development to come into contact. At the same time, NASA predicts that the same fate befalls humanity, if we do not take action in time.

This assumption is called the "Big Filter" theory. It describes the disappearance of extraterrestrial life forms exactly as a "filtering". At the same time, according to scientists, the flaws that led to their disappearance had time to become deeply rooted and become something of an indispensable stage in the development of civilizations.

That said, the paper's authors, a team of researchers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, are confident that humanity still has a chance. "The key to humanity successfully overcoming such a universal filter is ... identifying [destructive] qualities in ourselves and neutralizing them in advance," wrote astrophysicist Jonathan Jiang and his co-authors. Their work is in the peer-review stage, which means the scientific community is still only considering it.

The paper's authors argue that what is likely to destroy humans could also threaten intelligent life on other planets. The researchers cite nuclear war, pandemics, climate change and out-of-control artificial intelligence as likely causes of the self-destruction of intelligent life forms.

"History has shown that intraspecies competition and, more importantly, cooperation has led us to the highest heights of invention. And yet we spread perceptions that seem to be the antithesis of long-term continuous growth: racism, genocide, injustice, sabotage," the authors warn.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, his theory, why there has been no contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, put forward Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin. 

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