Why eggs should not be broken on the edge of dishes: an unexpected answer

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The usual way of breaking eggs can be very dangerous

How do you break eggs when making an omelet, batter, or any other dish that needs this ingredient? Most likely you do it on the edge of the utensil you're using. It's a familiar enough move and quite a convenient approach. But in fact, experts call it wrong.

OBOZREVATEL looked into what is wrong with breaking eggs on a bowl or a pan. And what problems may arise because of it.

If you break an egg on the edge of a frying pan for scrambled eggs or omelettes, you unwittingly leave some protein on this edge. The high heat of the cooking process burns it, even to the protective coating. It's not easy to clean off such dirt - it requires friction, which means it can damage the frying pan.

But the main danger lies in the pathogenic bacteria that can be found on the eggshells, in particular salmonella. If you break eggs on dishes, the pathogen of intestinal infection can easily get into the dish, in particular together with small particles of shell, and cause severe poisoning.

To protect yourself from infection, wash your eggs before breaking them. And try to use a foreign tool for this purpose - for example, the blunt side of a knife that you are not going to cut something with right now, or the handle of a spoon or fork that you send to the sink right afterwards.

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