Why dishwashing sponges are of different colors: interesting fact

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The color of the scotch-brite indicates the rigidity of the sponge

Not too many people could join the club of dishwashing enthusiasts. It's not a chore that's usually a favorite. Sure, a dishwasher can make things much easier, but it can also be a bit of a hassle to use. That's why the most popular helpers in this matter are good old colorful sponges.

By the way, dishwashing sponges are colorful for a reason and not just for the sake of aesthetics. OBOZREVATEL has analyzed what role color plays and why it is recommended to wash glassware with yellow sponges.

The yellow color of the sponge

If you've never paid attention to what color sponge you use to wash dishes, that's a shame. A set of brightly colored sponges shouldn't be taken as a marketing ploy. Cleaning experts say that the color of a sponge indicates its characteristics. We are talking about the hard side, which is used to clean the most stubborn dirt and burnt food. This side is called scotch-brite. It is made of coarse fibers and glued to a soft foam backing. The color of the scotch-brite indicates the abrasive property of the material.

The "weakest" color is yellow. This color is used to indicate the softest sponges for cleaning glassware. This material is quite delicate in removing stains and is not intended for old dirt.

Red color

The red color of the scotch-brite indicates the medium hardness of the sponge. This is the best choice. These sponges are delicate enough to clean glassware, but they can also cope with more serious dirt. These sponges usually do not scratch surfaces.

Green color

A green scotch-brite will get rid of burnt food, dried grease, and the most difficult stains. However, you should be careful because excessively hard material can damage the coating and leave scratches.

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